Why Some People Are Freaking Out Over A New Tekken Character

Tekken 7's new female character "Lucky Chloe" sparked some controversy online when she was revealed earlier this week, so much so that director Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to defend his work. His statements there have led to some confusion over whether that character will actually be included in the inevitable US release of the game, so let's see if we can make better sense of the whole kerfuffle.

Lucky Chloe was first revealed as a playable character during an event on Monday commemorating Tekken's 20th anniversary as a popular fighting game series put on by its publisher, Namco Bandai. Fighting game fans didn't respond well to the new character — many taking issue with her appearance, which they found uninspired and generic in comparison to the more outlandish characters that fighting games like Tekken are known for.

Harada first began speaking on Twitter about Chloe after he was sent a link to a popular NeoGAF thread that showed many gamers poking fun at the character, saying things like "God I hate her already", and "Seems a little lazy", or describing her as an "abomination". He took issue with what he saw as criticisms that stemmed from a "Western" perspective on the game, saying that Lucky Chloe wasn't not intended for such an audience, nor will she be available for players there.

Full quote:

Because you don't need that character right? It's simple thing.

And I'll say "Don't worry" again. I'll release another character for you guys. I said We've more new characters.

Example: Looks well-muscled, Skin-head, Very powerful attack (I don't like this idea but if you need).

[email protected] Wait, I'm a little confused. So you're saying that Chloe will not be available in America? May I ask why?

Full quote:

Calm down and Don't worry. That character are East Asia and Europe "Exclusive".

and I'll say again. We've more new characters on TK7. She is JUST one of them.

and She will be country exclusive (or region exclusive) character. We don't include her for your region. That's why I said Calm down and Don't worry.

[email protected] Please add a option to delete any character you do not want to play against in Arcade battle like Lucky Chloe please!!!!

Harada followed up on these messages with some jabs, mentioning a possible US-exclusive character by saying American players just want a "Muscle & Skinhead" type character.

As is so often the case, it's difficult to fairly assess the tone of Harada's statements here. That being said, he seems to be having fun with his critics on Twitter. At one point when he was still tweeting in response to Chloe's negative reception, for instance, he made a separate joke about how he'd be interested in adding a Chuck Norris character to the game:

One of his fellow developers, meanwhile, wrote on Twitter to say that he was "trolling about taking Chloe seriously":

Some observers took Harada's comments on Twitter as a statement that he and the rest of the Tekken 7 development team have revised the game's character roster for its US release. It's not clear if that's actually the case, however. So far, publisher Namco Bandai has only confirmed one specific version of Tekken 7: the arcade cabinet one, which will be released in Japan early next year. While many expect that the popular fighting game will get a US release and some console versions to go along with it, the company hasn't said so yet.

When I reached out to Namco's US branch for comment about the developers plans to include or omit Lucky Chloe from the American version of the game, a representative said: "Harada-san should be speaking specifically about Tekken 7 arcade which to my knowledge is currently slated for Japan release only so in essence Lucky Chloe is 'exclusive' to Japan arcades."

"I don't think our colleagues at the Bandai Namco Amusement America division (which handles our arcade business) have announced anything regarding Tekken 7 cabinets coming to the states yet," he continued.

When asked for further comment, the representative said: "Tekken 7 has not been announced for consoles, therefore we can't offer any comment at this time."

In other words, right now we have no idea whether or not Lucky Chloe will be included in the inevitable western release of Tekken 7. Although it's possible that Harada and Namco might decide to pull or replace her outside of Japan, for now it seems like people are flipping out over some vague tweets that may just be Harada poking fun at his fans. We'll refrain from jumping to conclusions until we know for sure what's happening.


    Funny americans, first they rage about Chloe and when Harada say it won't be released in US because they like dark skin muscle toned MMA style characters, they get offended.

    Have they thought how Harada felt when he created the character and people are bashing it the way he is insulting them as a joke?

    DO NOT talk crap about someone's creation. It took them time and effect to make it and if those people think they can do better, feel free to apply for a job and make a character, if not, stfu and play. You can choose not to play that character, the roster is big.

      Creative work has become so ingrained that the assumption is that all it takes to understand and critique it is a quick assessment of your uneducated, gut reaction. For some reason people think this arbitrary perspective is always valid and can't understand why they're singled out constantly.

        You don't need to be a five hatted international chef to know when you've been served shit.

        But I'm okay with more neko.

          Unless its one of Hestons wacky dishes like say poop shaped chocolate!

          Then you've just missed out on of the most awesome chocolate ever because you didn't try to eat poop! =P

      Eh, it really depends though. Creation is one thing but if the basis on your creation is what worked before then you can be criticised for it. It's actually a problem I have with a lot of Japanese cartoons where their own creativity is limited by re-creating tropes to increase sales.

        lol don't be those guys that call it japanese cartoon instead of anime. I find it a little bit insulting.

        Anyway, you are right. Those cliche anime's that is a clone of another anime with almost no creativity is an issue but it is different in this case.

        I don't think Harada deserve the insults he is getting. To be honest it is just another character in the roster that player can choose no to play. It really does not harm except being in the game.

          What guy? They are cartoons from Japan. We're not speaking French here.

          My problem with the design is that it seems so generic and catering to a perverted audience, which I think is the opposite of creativity. It's not the worst design though, it's not a loli robot with half pink hair and half slightly more pink hair.

            Those "guys" references to those people that do not how the different between anime and cartoon. They are called Anime to remove the confusion of Japanese animation to western animation. I believe I don't need to further explain such simple general knowledge to someone that is active on the world wide web.

            Lol this is not even close to the generic character for perverted audience. Do you know what a real fan service character is? She looks too normal to be a character for perverted audience. Have you seen Dragon's Crown Sorceress? Now that is called a fan service.

            The only generic point Chloe has, is the nekomimi, cat tail, blonde like a caucasians, wearing a pair of shoe and like to wear pink like most girls do.

            I mean seriously, look at Kuma. I don't see people complaining about him. He is like, the most not creative character in the history of fighting games.

              One could argue that Kuma is one of their more creative concepts actually...

              It's a friggin' bear thrown in with a roster that the great majority of is standard human fare.

              Don't insult my bear! :'(

              Though, I would say that it doesn't matter whether someone has done similar things before as long as the end result is interesting.

              This Chloe is not very interesting. That said, I don't see why that'd put people off the game.

              People know the difference. But some people don't think that people should put emphasis on a difference. Especially when the people that usually do so are the condescending kind trying to make themselves feel and appear more adult and mature for preferring anime. It also limits creativity by simplifying and categorizing the styles and giving the impression that no artist can stand out as they'll be labeled into one of two categories. Also confuses audiences still when either culture is influenced by the other. What category would Avatar be in? Or Panty and Stocking?

              Just because a character doesn't flash t and a doesn't mean it's not fan service. There are many tropes to fall in. Even something as simple as including the Falcon in Star Wars is fan service, especially when it's specifically done to make fans happy because of nostalgia. Which in term can also limit creativity.

              Most characters in Tekken are rather generic. Usually only remembered for how absurd their design or characterizations are. Or for strapping three guys onto a rocket and launching them into space.

      I bet and hope.. that they make Chloe a purchasable character in the marketplace. But only for Americans. Free for everyone else that isnt a super serious crying fanboy.

      <3 Chloe

    Confessing to only skimming over the article but the gist I am getting is that people are butthurt over the design of the character and they would rather not have her in their western release of the game?
    Huh? here, have this free thing!
    But I don't like it.
    We're not forcing you to use it, we are giving you the choice
    But I want my own way and I'm going to throw a tantrum!
    By that logic, all classes other than priests and rogues should be removed from World of Warcraft because I don't play them and I don't want them to have any place in my game.

    If you are so opposed to the character, get the game, pick a different character and beat the crap out of her, simple solution.

    Also inb4 the shitstorm of comments about how misogynistic her design is and how poor a representation of a woman she is. (also If I'm right can someone pull the world over, I want to get off)

    As long as she can kick some serious arse, that's all that matters.

    I kind of want Namco Bandai to remove her from the US release, if only to teach people that if they are going to be self-entitled idiots then they get what they deserve, which in many cases is nothing.

      i have no problem with having her in ....
      but to removed her for the us release would it impact using cloe for tournament and stuff?

        Didn't stop it from Capcom when they made some chars cash shop only on MvC3..... well until everyone got the "improved" UMvC3 about 6 months later....

      I kind of want Namco Bandai to release a trailer saying "Here's the roster!" and it's all King.
      Nothing but King.
      King King King, as far as the eye can see.
      And everybody will go "WHAT???" And they will say "Serves you right you entitled arseholes, you can play with King for a year until you calm down."

      Last edited 11/12/14 1:42 pm

        It would be better if they just show Kings with different shade of colour.

        Here we see White King vs Yellow King, Look at the diverse 256 characters representing 256 colours of King. All hail King

        King is my favourite Character, so that would actually be fine with me hahahaha :D

      I'd feel sorry for the Tekken loving population who aren't loud fools.

    I think Chloe looks cute and I also think that Harada wished he could have a character like Taokaka from Blazblue in his games, so he come up with the next best thing :P

    Uh, isn't half of Tekkens roster generic white looking dudes with different hats?

      No, half of Tekkens roster are rip-offs of real life people.
      The OTHER half are generic white dudes with different hats.
      Jeez, Freeze.

        What about the animals?

          They're generic white dudes in mascot costumes.

          Yeah, that's the best I could come up with considering you pointed to a massive hole in my argument. Damn you logic, and damn you @thehasbrogamer

    Please have hidden sharp claws, please have hidden sharp claws like the tao clan

    It would be so awesome to have a vocaloid roster on Tekken 7. Can you imagine getting beaten down by Miku or Luka?

    Entitled kids complaining about what exactly? "oh i dont like the look of that character so i dont what them in my game that YOU made....period" Thats like an adult not wanting to associate with someone because they don't like the cut of their jib,

    Yup, totally needed a sailing reference in a video game conversation.

    Let's not forget that the Yanks voted for Eliza to be included in Tekken Revolution at SDCC a year or so ago, then complained about her. Give 'em nothing I say.

    If there were to be any form of criticism, I would have thought it would have been the fact that a lot of her moves shown in the clip seem to be very similar/ taken from other characters (personally it doesn't bother me, though)

    And one last edit, after having a look in wikipedia, I would be stoked if the Jollibee mascot DID make it into Tekken 7 hahahaha :D

    Last edited 11/12/14 5:03 pm


      Oh sweet merciful crap... that would just be epic lolz. I would so main him in a tournament no matter how "bad" he may be in character rankings... just for lulz xD

    Considering quite a few Tekken characters are quite generic themselves (Bruce Lee rip off, I mean, homage? Check!), I have no issue with the inclusion of a cliche/sterotype character like Chloe. She looks like the character I'd pick when I want to be really, REALLY annoying to someone.

    I do not approve of the idea of excluding a character from a fighting game though, due to how much it can throw people off in major tournaments. Cool, you've been playing for a year in a version without Chloe? Now you get to fight someone from another country who's been using Chloe for a year, and you have no idea what she's capable of. You've been maining Chloe for a year, but oops, she's actually banned because it wouldn't be fair to others? Sucks to be you. It was much like playing a friend at Soul Calibur 4. I had the 360 version and was used to Yoda. I had no idea how to counter him and his PS3/Darth Vader ways.

    That being said, I have no idea if Tekken is even still repped at big tournaments, so it could be a moot worry.

    Why do people complain? Don't play as her if you don't like her.

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