Win! A 20th Anniversary Limited Edition PlayStation 4

This is our last competition for the year and it's a massive one. Enter for a chance to win a brand spanking new 20th Anniversary Limited Edition PlayStation 4.

Only 12,300 of these consoles have been made so when we say 'limited edition' the term actually has weight. You cannot but this console in stores, which is a shame because it's legitimately gorgeous.

This console arrived in our office and people got excited. It's a console directly designed to elicit nostalgia and tech-lust at the precise same time — a delicate line to walk. It looks new and modern and sleek, but still manages to feel retro at the exact same time.

Anyway, enough gushing. The details.

We're looking to make this competition as easy as possible to enter. There are no barriers to entry. You don't need to have editing experience, of photoshop experience. No artistic talent is necessary. What we want is your story. Your PlayStation story.

Tell us the story of your very first PlayStation experience. That's it. This could be the first time you saw a PlayStation, played a PlayStation or bought a PlayStation. It doesn't really matter. The person with the best, most interesting story wins.

Keep your entry under 500 words, because I'm going to have to read through all of these entries and I expect there will be a lot of them!

We're giving you a long lead time for this competition. You have until January 5 to enter. Drop your answers in the comments below. Good luck everyone!

You can find terms and conditions for the competition here.


    Win a fridge!
    Oh, a PS4.
    Well, I'll still write a story, but it won't be as good.

    You cannot but this console in stores,

    You could try!

    My story isn't a grand one its just one that brings a smile to my face.

    I was always one of those quiet kids in the family. Older siblings and cousins always made me feel like I didn't quite fit in with my own family. So ever gathering I was that awkward quiet kid that hid behind her hair and drew on napkins.

    One christmas, while hiding in the corner, my older cousin says to me "Hey, I got this cool game on my Playstation, wanna go?"

    I pause what ever boring thing I am doing and nod slowly. Sure I thought. If I don't like it I will just crawl back to my corner when they stop paying attention to me again.

    So I pick up this weird controller, and suddenly I am controlling this athletic chick. She's sliding down a hill and my cousin yells "press the jump button!" - Too late, she just died a horrible death on a bunch of spikes. I laughed. Everyone laughs.

    For the next 3 hours, we did everything we could to advance Tomb Raider with its clunky controls and glorious graphics.

    When we were bored of that, I then proceeded to smash them all in Fifa.

    It was the first time I really played with my siblings and cousins and from that moment on the awkwardness slowly seeped away.

    I've owned Playstation consoles ever since <3

    That is all.

      Well said! or not said, or whatever

    My first experience with a playstation was when I was about 10. My younger sister made friends with this girl in primary school. As it turns out her father worked in sony repairs and frequently repaired broken playstation 1’s. Long story short one day after work he went dumpster diving and scavenged enough working parts to build us a functioning playstation. Even bought us a controller to use for it. Oh man I was so excited. For about a week we only had that “Demo one” disk that came with it. I remember every day I would come home from school and watch the Soul Blade trailer on it desperately wanting that game, and then having a bout of abe's oddysee demo before usually finishing off with that dinosaur model view that was in it. After a week I think my parents got the hint, they bought me soul blade and abe's oddysee. God I was so happy. Here’s the trouble though, we didn’t have a memory card. I would play abe's oddysee hour hours sometimes days without shutting the console down just to preserve my progress. This went on for months
    For my birthday that year my parents bought me a memory card and jeez did I hit the ground running with abe's oddysee. I finished it in a weekend, but by that time I could do the first half of the game with my eyes closed.
    Eventually our library grew and so did all the fond memories of my childhood. That playstation is still alive and kicking today.

    In about 1996, I remember going over to my friend's house and he told me he got this thing called a Playstation. I had only heard about this console as I only had a Nintendo and computer. The graphics were amazing and there were heaps of different games! We played Time Crisis for hours on end, handing over the gun controller (which unbelievable at the time - having an arcade style gun IN YOUR HOME) each time we died. We went and bought the Playstation magazine each month and played through the demo disk over and over. The demo's usually lasted around 20-30 minutes but we would play them over and over again. During the entirety of our friendship, I don't remember a time where we hung out and didn't play his Playstation.

    That's one of my fondest childhood memories.

    My first Playstation experience was playing Resident Evil 2 on my brother's Playstation (in secret while he was at work, because we didn't really get along back then). At school, I used this amazingly futuristic thing called the "internet" and discovered that you could unlock alternate costumes by getting to the police station without picking up any items. After some tense moments, and a few retries (shut up, I was 14, and accustomed to the Saturn controller), I managed to do it, and unlock Leon's ridiculous hat and singlet outfit. As an added bonus, I discovered he held handguns sideways like a gangster. ;)
    Then my brother got home and wouldn't let me save. :(
    (although I can't really blame him, those things were expensive, and didn't hold much)

    He also never let me play Final Fantasy VII, but that's a different story.

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    I never had a PS1 - I was a staunch Nintendite from the good ol' days of the SNES. In high school, however, I happened across a gloriously massive 240x480 video, streamed through lightning-fast realplayer down my massive 56k pipe, of Kolona 2: Lunatea's Veil.

    It was that game, funnily enough - not GTA3 or any of the other Sony staples - that got me pretty much hooked on Playstation. I went out and bought it when it was released, despite not having a PS2 for another 2 years, and played it at my brother's friend's house whenever I took him over there. That game was - and still is - one of my favourites. Everything about it felt right, and it looked rad too. I had to survive on those scant moments between me dropping him off and then leaving to go home to play as much of it as I could until, upon Christmas 2003, I got my own PS2 packed in with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

    My first Playstation experience was booting up Final Fantasy 7 for the very first time and losing myself to rpgs for the rest of my life. Would not change a thing.

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    My story is not that grand i remember early high school going to friends place that had a play-station and watching him play it for ours and wishing i had one at the time all i had was Nintendo

    I've never owned a Playstation, feel like I missed out on a lot of good games.

      Still a better story than Destiny.

      Give this man a PS4!

        This man has won enough stuff. GIVE HIM NOTHING!

        In fact, take stuff away from him =P

      PSN & a Vita.

      Train fun before work!

    2001, age 6, the first sleepover I ever attended. My friend had a PS1 and I was insanely jealous of it despite having little idea of what a videogame even did. She showed me Crash Bandicoot and the original Spyro and I thought it was the most magical thing in the world. I begged my parents to buy me one but they refused, so years went by and despite discovering that this friend was a generally awful human being, I kept her around just so I could nick turns on her console. Does that make me a terrible person? Who knows. Still totally worth it.

    (Now the proud owner of a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita. Old habits die hard. Never did end up getting that PS1 though...)

    I fell in love during my first real Playstation experience.

    I was around 10 years old, and the game was Final Fantasy 7. All my friends got it at around the same time, and it was my first game. I was mad about PC games before then, but this was my first crack at the console. I was competing with my friends to see who could finish it first. I started late, but for some reason my friends all struggled to beat the Materia Keeper, while I basically just strolled through, so I had a good chance of finishing first. I had never been as involved with a game before, and to be honest I’m not sure I have since (although HL2 probably came close).

    I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point along the way I fell in love with Aeris. I didn’t even realize until Sephiroth kills her. I just stared at the screen in shock. Then I started crying. I was depressed for days; my parents kept asking me if anything was wrong, but how do you tell them you are devastated that an imaginary character died in a game your were playing?
    So after a few days of mourning, I turned my attention to beating Sephiroth.
    I rushed straight to the endgame, and got thoroughly whooped. I barely scratched the guy! I was still angry, so I focused my attention on beating him. I bred a Gold Chocobo, and got knights of the round. I levelled up all of my characters. I was ready!

    I remember that night distinctly, even after all these years. It was late, and being a young’n I had a fairly strict bedtime. So I travelled to North Crater, and saved just outside. I was giddy with excitement; my time of revenge was nigh! I eventually got to sleep, and woke up to hear my brother playing the Playstation. He was playing something different. I couldn’t wait, so I invoked older brother privileges and kicked him off so I could finally defeat Sephiroth and avenge my lost love.

    That’s when he told me that the memory card was broken. I can only imagine the blank look that I gave him as I tried to process him telling me that he had somehow snapped the memory card in half trying to get it out of the socket. It was over! There would be no revenge. There would be no justice. All of that preparation, all of that time spent, all gone.

    Needless to say, I didn’t win the race to finish the game. In fact, I was so devastated that I never even finished the game. I tried to, a few months later with a fresh memory card, but it just wasn’t the same. I had loved, I had lost, but there was no closure. I never saw what happened to Midgar.

    So that was my first real Playstation experience. Entertaining, extraordinary, and yet utterly devastating.

      That, or the first time I saw a Playstation game. I sleepover of 9 year old boys playing Resident Evil. We all were so terrified at seeing the first zombie that we switched the game off and that was that. Fun times.

    Gosh i wish I could remember. I got my first PlayStation on Christmas day '96 and subsequently owned the PSOne, 2, 3, 3 Slim (and PS4 in seven days). It was also my first gaming platform, never owned an Atari or NES or MasterSystem before that.

    The 'first experience' that jumps out in my mind is playing PaRappa the Rapper for some reason. I remember sitting around with friends (within touching distance of the TV of course) taking turns at failing.

    Is second thing that comes to mind is driving that yellow Mitsubishi GTO LM around High Speed Ring in the original Gran Turismo.

    What sparked the love of games for me was the original Metal Gear which i would have got the following year.

    The first game we got on our PS1 was Gran Turismo. Coming from an original Nintendo and playing games like Mario Bros and Duck Hunt (play for a bit, turn it off, no saving), this completely changed gaming for me. I suddenly became a "100%er" and needed to have as many cars as possible and finish all the tracks and different race types. I'd sit in front of that thing for hours on end and completely lose track of time. I remember calling my Mum to tell her that I'd just finished the 2 hour enduro race, I was so proud. She (sarcastically) gave the phone to my Nanna so I could also tell her the good news. After a pause of disbelief, all my Nanna said was ".... is Kobi (my cousin) home? Go and play with him." They just didn't get the appeal.

    While I do like how the black of the newer consoles and how it fits in with the rest of my entertainment unit, that fantastic grey of this PS4 reminds me of those months playing that game non-stop. Good days.

    The year was 1998, it was my first year of uni. I grew up with strict parents and never owned a game console in my childhood. They would have gotten in the way of my studies apparently. At the time my older brother worked as a manager at "Games R Us", a now defunct video game retailer in Perth, which was awesome because he was able to bring home consoles and games to, you know, get familiar with the products he had to sell. I remember when he brought home the Playstation 1, with a copy of Resident Evil 2. I knew of the game but had never played it or the first game in the series. I remember when he first booted up the machine and hearing that Playstation ping and then the game loaded followed by a deep ominous voice saying "R-e-s-i-d-e-n-t E-v-i-l Twooooo". Man I had goosebumps. I proceeded to watch him play it. He hardly ever let me have a go until he got bored of it, siblings for you. I remember being amazed at the graphics and how lifelike the game environments were. The whole opening with the zombie outbreak in Racoon city, and damn that licker.. what the hell was that? I was genuinely scared. This made me realise the potential that Playstation games had over the cartridge based Nintendo & Sega consoles at the time. It really felt like a shift in the gaming industry, like some kind of door was opened with the possibilities of what the developers could fit on the (then huge) game CD.

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    I first played an original Playstation when I was nine years old, back in 1997 at my friend's 9th birthday party. He got the Playstation as a birthday present with Destruction Derby as his first game. It was fun but when I was a kid, I was a Nintendo fanboy, big time, however all honesty I was secretly jealous of the Playstation... it had awesome games that never came out on the N64, classics like Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Resident Evil etcetera... and my God, the cut scenes! The full motion cut scenes! Why didn't the N64 have those?! Not gonna lie though, the Playstation's loading times sucked.

    All my friends had a Playstation and they all got 'em “chipped”, so they could buy super cheap, illegal games from Bali here. I was always a little jealous of that.

    We didn't get our own Playstation console until my brother got a silver Playstation 2 for his birthday, his 18th birthday I believe back in 2004. This was a very bold change, as my brothers and I were usually always Nintendo boys. My most memorable game would be Final Fantasy X, the first and only Final Fantasy game I have ever played from start to finish. FFX holds a special place in my heart as not only my favourite Final Fantasy game but also one of my favourite games of all time. It's in my top ten for sure.

    The Playstation 2 was also the first time when I played games online on console, which was a so awesome and such a new experience at the time. I had one of those internet cable connector things on the back of our Playstation 2 and I remember playing, and having so much fun in Battlefield 2. I specifically remember always running over my friend with a jeep. Every. Single. Match.

    One of the things I loved about the Playstation 2 was the amount of games. The library was huge. I played so many games, buying new and pre-owned games alike, borrowing games from friends and hiring out games from the video store. So many games! I remember with our Game Cube that the library was unfortunately quite small. I went to the video store and asked about Game Cube games, “What's a Game Cube?” the clerk would ask, confused by my question. When asking about Playstation 2 games? God damn, there was a lot.

    I used to be such a Nintendo fanboy, but I think the Playstation 2 helped me open my eyes and broaden my reach in gaming. Now I enjoy Playstation, X-Box, PC, tablet and iPhone games. Finally, I used to think the Game Cube was my favourite console but I just realised that no, it wasn't. I loved the Game Cube, but after writing this little trip down memory lane... I can safely say that yeah, the Playstation 2 is my favourite console of all time.

    I was always a Nintendo fan, so my PS1 memories are few and far between, but my friend had an original Playstation, and while there was no tension from any sort of console wars existing, I do remember being somewhat jealous. Didn't get to enjoy PS gaming until the PS2!

    My first memory of Playstation is a fading one, in which an old friend and I were seated firmly on the floor, controller cable wiggling its way to the console which was also laid out on the floor. Our little heads were tilted up to the small, flickering screen, and upon that screen was a little green crocodile appropriately named Croc. I remember viewing the box art on the floor, among a variety of other games I can’t recall, and thinking it looked pretty cool. The bit I remember specifically about this whole memory though is him playing and mentioning that he was stuck at a certain bit that involved collecting gems in some underground cavern level, and then me, stating proudly as a kid, “Try it now! I’m a good luck charm to other people, not myself though”. So he gave it a go and surely enough he made it through the tough spot, accompanied by an excited arm thrust. I probably followed that up with a, “See, I told you!” but my mind can’t remember much further.

    I do have other random memories of playing the PS1 at other friend’s houses, including crash bandicoot, and seeing the opening cut scene in FFVII, but this specific one is the earliest I can remember.

    In 1997, my brother and I (ten and seven at the time respectively) saved up all our pocket money for the whole year in order to buy our very own Playstation (Mum and Dad helped once they saw our immense dedication!).

    I remember coming home from the shops, brimming with excitement at the prospect of using the machine I so longed for, opening it up with my brother to suddenly remember that they only came with one controller and we hadn't bought a second one. We bickered over TV watching all the time, this was going to be a nightmare!

    But after a small pause, my brother said: "it's ok, you can have the first go."

    The Playstation emcompasses one of my first memories of my brother and I becoming best friends.

    I was quite young when the PS1 came out but my first experience with Playstation with the PS1, playing Gran Turismo with my older brother, he would always sit on the floor and me on the lounge, this was for a strategic purposes if he was losing he would either pull the controller out with his foot or press the reset button with his toe, of course being the younger brother i always got the second controller. Good times.

    Wow ok, story time. My father has had a crazy interesting life and is one of those people that tells these incredible stories where you are left wondering if any of it is true. If he wasn't my father, and I didn't know the other people around at the time, I wouldn't believe a word. To set the scene for this particular story, dad is in his mid 30's, travelled the world and was always getting himself into various situations, some fun, some not. At this point in his life, he finds himself jumping feet first onto the first ship that will take him out of a US port and out of the country. He had in fact, just bartered his way out of jail, after having a run in with some local mobsters who had paid off the local cops to put him in jail until their boss got into town (this is mid 70's btw). He boarded the ship with the clothes on his back, a handful of dollars and an old ham radio.

    He then discovers the ship is heading to Japan, much to his alarm as the mobsters had 'connections' there. While he is on the ship, he uses the ham radio to send out a message out asking for help from anyone that will answer. Eventually, a Japanese man replies, who happens to be studying English. They converse for a while and he finally says he can stay at his place while he sorts everything out. Fast forward a decade until I was born, and that is how my god father is a Japanese Buddhist monk living in Tokyo!

    How does this relate to a PlayStation? Well! My parents where reasonably strict on encouraging me to play sport and do 'outdoors' stuff (even though mum was an IT Teacher!), so computer games and the like were a definite no no when I was young. Then, around my 10th birthday, Bucky my Japanese monk god father, sends me a package. Much to my parents horror it is a PlayStation. I was CRAZY stoked, and I knew my parents couldn't take it off me without offending Bucky, so I was golden. It was a profound moment for me, even that young and I attribute that to setting my life direction where I ended up completing a degree in games design and animation and now work in a senior position within the ICT industry. Thanks Bucky!

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    Picture a 12 year old boy waking up on Christmas, after dropping hint after hint about this new gaming system to his parents for months, rushing to the Christmas Tree in the morning and seeing a wrapped box that looks like it just may be...
    This boy, once the family has gathered to exchange presents, eagerly tears of the wrapping to reveal...... a brand new Sega Saturn!!! Just what he wanted! Because what would Sony know about gaming systems?? Sega had the Genesis, Master System & Megadrive! What had Sony done?

    My first experience with Playstation was defending Sega to the death against my mates. Even when the writing was on the wall and I knew it was futile, I defended Sega. I knew though, I knew all along how much I enjoyed playing my friends Playstation and that it was superior.

    Christmas day 1997 I finally got my long awaited PS1 console for Christmas! Wrapped up under the tree, green wrapping paper with Abe’s Oddysee. I spent most of the day making Abe fart, it was hilarious!

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