Today Is Your Last Chance To WIN: $3,550 Custom Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet Thanks To Madman!

Today Is Your Last Chance To WIN: $3,550 Custom Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet Thanks To Madman!

ENTRIES CLOSE TUESDAY: Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fistavailable now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital Madman EntertainmentStreet FighterUltra Street Fighter IV

The 143-minute feature-length version of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist includes 13 minutes of exclusive bonus footage not seen in the web series, as well as behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the cast and crew and more. It takes the story right back to the start — the origins of Ryu, Ken, Gouken and Akuma. Directed by Joey Ansah (who, as ‘Desh’, was part of one of the most celebrated movie fight scenes of all time, in The Bourne Ultimatum).

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The Prizes

5x Runners Up Street Fighter Mega Packs From Madman Entertainment (Worth Over $150!)

This amazing bundle includes:
Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist on DVD ($29.95 RRP) or Blu-ray ($34.95 RRP)
Street Fighter II The Movie (Uncut) DVD ($24.95 RRP)
Street Fighter II V (TV Series) DVD ($49.95 RRP)
Street Fighter Alpha – The Movie DVD ($24.95 RRP)
Street Fighter Alpha Generations DVD ($24.95 RRP)

Major Prize!

1x major winner will pick up the above Street Fighter Mega Pack from Madman Entertainment, along with our fantastic arcade cabinet. As you can see from these renders, it’s gonna be insane!

Note: While the cabinet build is underway, the prize won’t be delivered until early February due to the upcoming Christmas break, but it will be worth the wait. The cabinet comes apart like IKEA furniture for easy shipping/re-assembly. Vewlix 32-inch clone cabinetBeta Bar

32-inch Dick Smith LED TV


Street FighterMad Catz SXT Cross Arcade Fightstick Pro fight sticksUltra Street Fighter IV


Good luck everyone!

We’ll showcase some of the best entries throughout the competition.


  • Here’s the series of events I went through when I saw this article;

    1) Extreme excitement as I clicked on the link

    2) Disappointment when I saw the conditions and knew it wasn’t worth my time against some people that WILL see this and WILL enter

    3) Resigning myself to not winning and researching building my own instead

    4) Thinking of the grief i’ll get from the wife for the cost, time and space to own one

    5) Resigning myself to sticking with an inconspicuous home console

      • If I were to try and describe mine in words it would make a blind man weep. It looks as if it was painted by someone completely devoid of hope. It is a paint file of broken dreams and missed opportunities. I genuinely feel for the poor soul who has to judge it.

        Their screams will forever haunt me.

        I think yours is better is what I’m getting at.

  • I’m curious to know how you can verify something was created in Paint. I guess there is certain metadata some apps put in files (like Adobe’s XMP) and certain effects that would be hard to do by hand, but I have seen some very impressive Paint pictures that look like they were done in more powerful software.

    In any case, despite a complete and utter lack of talent, I’m in for this.

    • If I have time I absolutely intend to attempt to make a MS Paint picture that looks better than MS Paint, just through sheer pixel placement time and effort.* So I’ll be screencapturing the process and putting it on youtube as proof, and also because I personally enjoy watching sped up painting progressions.

      Technically I doubt you could prove it with metadata though, I’m sure there’d be ways to fake it (just paint it in something else and bring it into MS Paint later maybe?) – but even with the most impressive MS Paint pictures, if you zoom in and have a look around you can still kind of tell I reckon.

      *: I absolutely realise that the whole point of having an MS Paint competition is because the visual impressiveness of the picture isn’t what matters, but I love painting anyway!

  • I just entered and drawing with a mouse on a crappy desk with Pixlr is a pain in the butt! I’ll hopefully try again at home with a graphics tablet. If I was able to use my ipad and procreate, It would be easy to draw!

  • Was going to enter, but then i read the full specifications and I hate drawing straight into the computer, especially in such a crappy program. I do everything 99% by hand THEN scan and touch up so not really a big strictly digital fan (plus I’m too broke to buy a cintiq).

    I might still do something and just not enter it, because it’s such a cool idea.

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