Xbox One Finally Outsells The PS4 (In America)

Xbox One Finally Outsells The PS4 (In America)

The PS4's reign as the best-selling next-gen console is over. At least for one month.

Having ditched Kinect, cut the price and aggressively bundled its console in the lead-up to the holiday season, Microsoft has announced that during November the Xbox One finally outsold the PS4 in the US. By how much we don't know, but Microsoft won't care if it's by ten consoles or ten thousand. They will just be happy with the W.

It ends the PS4's run as America's best-selling next-gen system, a title which it took out every month since both consoles launched last year.


    "Happy with the W"? I need to brush up on my internet short-hand.

      Wombat. Kotaku AU likes to send a Wombat to the console that has the most console sales.

        They've waited so long for a Wombat too. I bet they really enjoy it.

          Nah, they've probably built it up too much in their minds now, so when they finally get it it's bound to be disappointing.

      If you still dunno, 'W' is an abbreviation for 'Win'. I hear it in sports quite a bit anyways.

        Yes. Because saying double you is so much quicker than saying win.

          Sometimes they just say 'dub' which again, isn't quicker than 'win', but it''s more symmetrical.

        No it means Wombat, as phlaiman said.

        Most competitions give out Wombats nowadays. It's quite normal.

    As someone who had no intention of buying an Xbox, this still makes more sense. XB1 has had a far better year for games than PS4.
    When I finally pick up one of these for TW3 next year I’ll have a difficult decision to make.

      has it really? no honestly, i have a ps4 and wii u and tend to ignore most xb games, so, has it had a good back end to 2014?

        I could argue that it has if you factor in the launch titles from last year.

        It got Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and I’d argue that Forza is still the best racing game on the market.

        There’s nothing between the two really though and there’s certainly easy arguments for the PS4 as the better console overall, I just think that the exclusives on the Xbone probably edge the PS4 by a bees-dick so far.

          There's far more exclusives worth playing on xbox compared to ps4 right now. No point buying a ps4 until next year when uncharted launches

            Well you don't buy console for exclusives only. If a person have to choose one that play the best of all multiplatform + exclusives, it is still PS4.

            Not to mention, americans love xbox. they love it way more than the rest of the world so the US sales doesn't really contribute much to Xbox's situation worldwide.

            Best selling in US, worst selling in Japan + China

              I didn't buy the xbone for the exclusives (though Titanfall was a nice surprise) but for my friends list and it's multitasking and media features (in that regard the PS4 hasn't even caught up with the 360)

              A PS4 might by on my agenda when it hits $200 for Bloodborne

        It would have been a much better back end for MS if the Halo Master Chief Collection had worked properly at launch, but yeah, the last six months they've had better exclusives. Sony's had... uh... Drive Club and LittleBigPlanet 3? And MS has Forza Horizon 2, Halo and Sunset Overdrive as their marquee exclusives.

        Whether those are compelling or not is going to depend on what sort of games you like.

          I'd add inFamous First Light and Samurai Warriors 4 which were second half 2014. PS4 has also had some pretty excellent non-AAA stuff like Hohokum, Natural Doctrine, Pix the Cat, Secret Ponchos, Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Velocity 2X, which in my book are great little gems to spend some time with until the bigger exclusives hit (not to mention the multi-plats).

            Well First Light is technically DLC for the original game. Samurai Warriors 4 isn't PS4 exclusive but I guess it is a Sony exclusive (PS3 and Vita as well) so fair enough. Natural Doctrine is the same (and also really weird).

            I didn't even really consider the indie stuff. Sony has a fair whack of those, and Microsoft does too. IMO there's very few of them which are compelling enough that they'd sway a buying decision, they're 'nice to have' extras (and all you mentioned were free on PS+ anyway)

      It's really tricky. PS4 is arguably better hardware, but the software lineup hasn't been stellar yet, especially if you're talking exclusives. Meanwhile Microsoft have released a lot of really good exclusives but third party games are usually favoring the PS4. If you've got a good PC it muddies the waters even further.

      Personally I grabbed a PS4 a year ago primarily for Destiny and with the expectation that more Japanese stuff would end up localized on it. However the last six months or so, Microsoft's been seeming more and more attractive and I actually ended up caving and ordered an Xbox One yesterday.

      It'll be interesting to see how things pan out longer term. Still very early days. Microsoft's current situation reminds me of Sony's last gen - 360 was the de facto standard and had a sales lead for a good chunk of the generation, but eventually Sony caught up. I personally used my 360 heaps at first, but by 3-4 years into the generation it was a 50/50 split with PS3, and now my PS3's still hooked up and getting new games but my 360 has been in storage for over a year.

      In the end this is pretty reductive, but I think the current answer to which you want to get is going to be the answer to the question "do you want to play Uncharted 4 or Halo 5 more?".

        After the mess that is the Halo Master Chief Collection, my expectations for Halo 5 have fallen through the floor.
        What titles did you decide to buy the XB1 for?

          Nothing specific. Impulse buy / hedging of bets. I know eventually it'll have enough games that I'll be happy I've got it.

          Also proper DLNA / Plex integration is a nice bonus.

          I loved the dead rising series, so that made me initially go for the Xbox one....and to be honest im glad i did.

        Gonna make some waves of controversy here. I had an X1 for 2 weeks and a PS4 for nearly a year, I got the X1 first.

        The gamepad was worse. The interface was worse. The online stuff rarely worked. Voice control was flakey at best. Overall I had a rubbish experience.

        The PS4 isn't a machine sent from God, but it is at least a little better. For me though, the size of the console and No Mans Sky were the two things that made me buy a PS4, plus I got Destiny, Wolfenstien and Last of Us HD for $500 with the console.

        Halo doesn't look too bad, but not my thing and the Forza games were just a bit blah.

          So you got the Xbox One a year ago? The system's evolved a lot since launch as I understand it. Though the interface is probably still horrid due to being designed around the kinect.

          I find the PS4 interface to be a complete dog's breakfast as well though.

            Though the interface is probably still horrid due to being designed around the kinect.

            Nah, it's not that it's designed around the Kinect it's that Microsoft really have no idea what an app is. The Kinect side of it is at worst something you don't use and at best an awesome way to use the XBOX when you're doing non-gaming tasks. Seriously, between the HDMI functionality, Smartglass and Kinect I don't even pick up a controller unless I'm playing a game. It's not for everybody but if you used your 360 for media set it up and try it for a few weeks. I've often complained that the XBOX 360 and PS3 media players were terrible compared to any non-console media players, and I stand by that with the PS4 and XBOX One, but Kinect actually brings something to the table you won't get elsewhere.

            The real problem is that the entire OS is built around a modular design which killed off a ton of features by pushing them from core OS functionality to apps. The apps themselves are as terrible as every Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 app they've made. It's like Microsoft think 'app' means half the functionality.
            The core UI works really well with a controller, especially after some of the adjustments they've made, but because everything is running in it's own app and needs to be initialised it's like opening software on an old PC whenever you want to multi-task. The actual OS is better at multi-tasking and coming back to previously initiated games/apps, but there's this thing where you sort of have to leave whatever you're doing in order to anything. Even now it uses snapping it's still like Alt+Tab'ing out of a game.

            I agree that the PS4 isn't anything to write home about either. It's a bit more responsive than the XBOX One but it still feels like a downgrade from the PS3/XBOX 360. Microsoft and Sony seem to be so caught up in what each other are doing that they don't realise neither side is doing a fantastic job.

            Last edited 12/12/14 5:24 pm

            Well, the Xbox interface is completely horrible. It is so hard to navigate to anywhere. PS4 interface is basically the same as their usual, horizontal menu + vertical navigation. It is actually far easier to navigate around with PS4 because everything is not as complicated.

            Maybe because I never liked Windows 8, it makes me dislike X1 interface as well but even now trying to navigate to search for games with X1 is hard as hell. The PS Store is much easier to navigate.

            I feel PS4 UI is simplistic but effective but X1 is trying to be simple but end up being complicated as hell.

            To be honest I think X1 exclusives are as bad as PS4. Dead Rising 3, meh gameplay. Sunset Overdrive, boring time waster, Forza.... being the usual Forza. Ryse end up being on PC just like DR3. Master Chief Collection is buggy to hell. Destiny is missing DLC thanks to PS4 timed exclusive.

            I really don't think X1 is ahead of PS4 in any way. The only reason why X1 is catching up is because of the cheaper kinectless bundle + massive amount of free gift cards and game bundles lately.

            When you compare multiplatform games, PS4 still fare better 80-90% of the time.

            People keep saying, X1 and PS4 have similar hardware, they perform the same. I am not sure if they are smoking pot or they are being plain ignorant. Graphical performance is obvious, X1 is like a car driving at 180kmph, PS4 is driving 200kmph. Sure the number looks similar, but the difference is huge.

            As much as the system has evolved, it still has problems as a whole ecosystem that I can't ignore. The Halo:MCC release is one example where Microsoft as the console owner should've vetoed and delayed the launch. Really, they needed to sell this thing at its current US price from day one and waited before launching because nothing destroys a first impression.

          Funny you say that..

          I bought the xbone and ps4 on their respective launch days, I haven't touched my ps4 for over 6 months. The ps4 controller hurts my hand when I'm gaming for long periods, I much prefer the xbone UI even though at first I hated it. Oh and I've never had online issues.

          Shame you didn't enjoy the Forza games, best console racing game hands down but eh each to their own.

    Um, hooray? Have my xone, it's a good console although I will state not as good as ps4. Both are pretty lacking though with their 1080p issues. kinect truly was a lie for the most part (it's just not good enough to use as intended). Personally I truly miss our IBM customised CPUs, I remember reading in a pc magazine how amazing the 360s tri-core CPU was (this was in the early days of first and second gen duo cores). *SIGH*.

    Greatness Awaits..... And waits..... And waits....

      And haters hate... and hate... and hate... (sorry, couldn't resist - got that Taylor Swift song in my head) :-)

    Not surprising, the current pricing promotion from Microsoft over there makes it the wayyy cheaper box.

    So it outsold it for one month only, or in total units sold since launch?

    It took this long for a country to sell itself more consoles then the Japanese.

    America - F*ck YEAH!

    Haha nah they are both doing really well and cant wait to see what 2015 brings to the table.

    Sounds like a lot of people picking up the other console in the second year after making their first year choice.

    For a month? MCC and a drop in price would have contributed to that

    Wow! Awesome! Now let the fanboy apocalypse begin... Yaaaaaaay...

    Good for them. Healthier sales means more competition. With Sony having already sold me a PS4 (at some stage next year) I hope Microsoft keep the lead for a bit to put the fire up them and get them to lift their game.
    I doubt I'll be buying an Xb1this gen but overall, this has to be good for me - the gamer who's just chasing a good experience.

    I was/am on the Sony bandwagon, but the Xbox has it a bit better this year for games.

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