You Can Drink Liquid Cookies In Japan

You Can Drink Liquid Cookies in Japan

Who wants to eat cookies when you can drink cookies? Starting this month in Japan, you can.

Country Ma'am — for my money, Japan's best cookie brand — is rolling out a beverage called "Drinkable Country Ma'am" (飲むカントリーマアム or Nomu Kantorii Maamu). This certainly isn't the first cookie drink the world has seen, but will it be the best-tasting?

According to Japanese site IT Media, the drink uses the same ingredients as the cookies. That's why the drink's flavour is, just like the actual cookies, "Vanilla". And as any Country Ma'am connoisseur will tell you (like me!), the vanilla-flavored cookies do have chocolate chips in them.

And since the drink apparently uses the same ingredients, website Tokyo Walker reports that it tastes like you are drinking Country Ma'am. I guess you are!

You Can Drink Liquid Cookies in Japan

Picture: 不二家

This is what the iconic Country Ma'am cookie packaging looks like. If you are wondering what the beverage looks like, Japanese site RocketNews24 uploaded this photo:

You Can Drink Liquid Cookies in Japan

Picture: ロケットニュース24

The drink can be enjoyed cold or, as the can says, hot. Yes, that's right, you can drink hot cookies. The Country Ma'am beverage goes on sale December 9.

ローソン限定・発売前の「飲むカントリーマアム」を飲んでみた! [NicoNico News]


    I understand you're supposed to be the Japanese popculture guru, but even this article is pushing it. If this were an American company it wouldn't get a mention.

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      Well... Yeah.

    I thought this was a gaming website?

      I think you missed the tag "IN REAL LIFE" at the top of the article or when clicking on it

        Technically that tag is supposed to relate to news about real life events and occurrences related to gaming (like deaths of notable people in the games industry, game related theme parks, game related legislation, or sculptures people make of game characters, etc.) but commonly gets used as a dumping ground for anything that doesn't fit in another category or is not remotely related to games.

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    *thinks about liquid timtams, then wanting to combine it with tea*

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