You Have 8 Hours To Buy A Crapload Of Cheap Games On

The most recent Steam sales grabbed all the headlines, but you may not have been aware the are having a real humdinger of a sale, shifting roughly 100 games in some incredible bundles. For the final eight hours of the sale, is putting all of them on sale. GO GO GO!

Some of these sales are spectacular, particular if the bundles scratch a particular gaming itch that you have.

For example...

The Ultimate D&D Collection 10 games, including Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2, Planescape: Torment a couple of Neverwinter Nights games and more. That's $26.30 Australian. That's 80% off.

You can buy a Prince of Persia pack, which includes the 2008 Prince of Persia, alongside Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. That's $12.36, down 80% from $48.36.

There are 24 bundles like this, including a Sid Meier pack, a Might and Magic pack, a Best of Bullfrog bundle and much more.

It's a pretty huge sale.


    more things to buy at christmas time.... annnnd now I'm broke.

    Ohh someone please be a good santa and get me the DnD collection :)

    Buyer beware... Between GOG, Steam and Humble Store you need to be careful you don't already own the same $2.69 "special" somewhere else.

      So true... so true.... I actually have a few duplicate between GoG and Steam due to random sales. I need to watch my GoG library more.

      or alternately, I like to get duplicates in some cases between services - ideally I'll have a Steam version to play (for community features; auto-update/achievements/cards/etc.), with a DRM-free backup via Humble or GOG (depending on which happens to have any bonuses bundled like soundtracks)

      though it's a good idea to check in the case of Humble since so much of that comes with Steam keys in the first place

        I like to do the same thing. For example, I'm planning to by BlazBlue Calamity Trigger on Steam for the achievements and stuff, I already have it in my gog library

      But at least GoG offers extra stuff like soundtracks (SOUNDTRACKS!!!!). For $2.69 or whatever small change, its often worth JUST getting for an official soundtrack.

    After many months (years?) of dithering, I finally picked up both the Witcher games. Somehow I don't think they're going to get any better than $5.50 for 1+2!

    stop making it easy for me to spend money! lol

    *witnessing as everyone's wallets & bank accounts keep on screaming as they empty due to amount of these sales take a toll on the money being kept in them*

    I think I've gotten everything I've wanted from the site.

    Do GOG games require Steam to run? Please tell me they don't.

      Nope. They all come with a standalone installer and are DRM free.

        Well, there goes my wallet.

        EDIT: Well, $24.32. Not too painful. Heh.

        Last edited 15/12/14 9:18 pm

    On the note of sales and Steam: 10 days til Christmas - is Steam going to have a huge sale with cards and shit or not? They're leaving it awful late, and this dumb auction thing is oddly timed.

    Great deals here! It's a good thing i bought all of them on sale last year =P lol

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    ​Anyway thank you for posting this article.

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