YouPorn Now Has An eSports Team

YouPorn Now Has An eSports Team

Spanish eSports team Play2Win, who play DOTA 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone, will no longer be known as Play2Win. Instead, it will be known as Team YP, or Team YouPorn.

The online porn giant has been trying to get into the eSports business for a while now, but was having trouble with the fact its name, um, has the word "porn" in it. This looks like a decent compromise. The word "porn" isn't on their shirts or in their branding but, well, everyone still gets it.

Note the logo on the team's shirts. A giant, ornate sword penetrating a mountain. Subtle.


    I feel there's been enough controversy today...

      News just in: Target are pulling all YouPorn branded merchanidse from Australian stores!

    I have a pretty negative view of this, but am struggling to articulate it without writing a diatribe.

    Perhaps I'll just say, "Boo! Hiss!"

    Any special sponsorship deals?
    Asking for a friend.

    It's a no-name Dota squad that is only getting attention because of their sponsor. Maybe they'll do a Power Rangers and eventually become more competitive. Probably not.

    Esports sponsorships can be rather fickle. Youporn got attention by fishing for teams around TI4, they've now got a team. I imagine the next step is Youporn announcing that they're out of the esports game in a month or two.

    I have zero issues with this. if you can have booze and smokes as sponsors why not porn?

    Whats wrong with a porn site sponsoring an e-sports team? its not like it isn't a legitimate business. and don't pretend Y'all don't watch porn. because please... be honest with yourself.

      I have no issues with Youporn sponsoring a team. I just think that the way they've gone about it is a very transparent attempt for publicity (hell, all sponsorships are) that I doubt will go anywhere.

    Accepting this kind of sponsorship takes a lot of balls.

    "Instead, it will be known as Team YP, or Team YouPorn."

    Nope, they'll be known as 'The Fappers'. Guarantee it.

      I wonder what their Fapp rate is?

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