10 Years Of WoW In 10 Comic Panels

Ten Years of WoW In Ten Comic Panels

A decade of not standing in fires. Dark Legacy Comics, who have been around for almost the same amount of time as WoW, and their latest comic strip are a summary of all the guild and community drama we've all witnessed over the years.

And if you check below, the comic might suggest that early years of raiding were all full of love and fun. It's just not true. Raiding was brutal. 2011 though is spot on.

Ten Years of WoW In Ten Comic Panels
Ten Years of WoW In Ten Comic Panels

And what's about 2015? For me both the love and the hate side would be "sitting in the garrison."


    So 2014 WoW is as good as vanilla wow? Maybe I should start back up again.

      Yes it really is, I adore the new xpac and I have been playing since vanilla

        That last picture will totally be me if i start again since i play a rogue... always forget to reapply my poisons haha and wondering why my dps dropped cause poison expired in the middle of a raid boss.

          Ditto man... "Hmmm envenom doesn't seem to be doing very much damage... Oh"
          Just silently pray no one noticed.

            Won't have to worry about that, its go Combat or GTFO.

              Combat is only useful in select fights, Subtlety is where it's at.

    Why is this so painfully accurate? Particularly 2011!

    2011 would have been around cata? If so thats pretty much my wow life, stopped playing part way into cata and only started playing again a few months before Draenor. Loving Draenor though :)

      Pandaria was actually pretty good, too. People gave it shit for 'kung fu panda' crap (despite Pandaren being around LONG before the film), but they really pulled off some great innovations and the lore was surprisingly compelling.

        Yeah I bailed on Cataclysm.... Bought Pandaria didn't like what they did to warlocks.... Bought WoD still hate what they've done to warlocks.... But I did start to enjoy Pandaria... except I got to 90 by the 2nd area.... Maybe I'll go through all Pandaria areas with an alt. WoD is good questing and story.

          Yeeeah... I wouldn't lol it is essentially light green forest, dark green forest, medium green forest and whatever the fuck the Dread Wastes are. The WoD questing is a lot better albeit very linear.

            I'm finding myself feeling guilty because I have no Orc characters.... I had a warrior but race changed to troll.... Have a lot of troll and undead though...

              Screw orcs, who needs them?
              *shuffles in front of screen to obscure a full 11-character list of blood elves*

                By shuffling in front of your screen you've exposed your Barbie collection :P

          Very this, I mained a warlock from vanilla until LK, then changed to paladin because warlocks were no longer the class I originally rolled and enjoyed.

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