125 People Are Building All Of Game Of Thrones In Minecraft

125 People Are Building All Of Game of Thrones In Minecraft

Look at this video. Just look at it. Forget the stilted narration by Bran Stark and just look at those goddamn cities and mountains. It is amazing what a group of driven people can do with enough creativity and time.

We've been following Westeroscraft — the ongoing project to build all of Game of Thrones' world in Minecraft — for quite some time now, and it continues to impress. Project lead Jacob Granberry tells me they have got about 125 active members on the server now, and thanks to manpower, organisation and a whole lot of mods, they have created something that's just straight-up spectacular.

Says Granberry:

I would say the world is at around 70% completion. Since we last spoke, we've developed a custom launcher for the game that comes packed with our WesterosBlocks mod which includes over 50 new custom blocks and textures specifically made for our server. So, we completely repainted our map with new textures, and some of our old builds we are building over bigger, better, and more realistic. That Kings Landing render from a few years ago? Yea, we are remaking that entire city again.

If you want to help out on the project, go over to the Westeroscraft website. Or just watch in awe.


    The small update on their progress is nice, but seriously. i swear this is perhaps the fourth or fifth article on WesterosCraft I've seen on Kotaku.

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