18 Pop Culture Billionaires And How Evil They Are

18 Pop Culture Billionaires And How Evil They Are

Only one guy is a better person than Bruce Wayne, and even he’s a bit of an outsider.

Here’s the full chart below, compiled by the fine folks at Dorkly, with all kinds of billionaires, their wealth and how good or evil they are compared to each other. Everything looks fine, but I’m not really sure Scrooge McDuck deserves a place among the good guys.


  • Lex is richer than Bruce? Guess I haven’t followed the Superman mythos very closely over the years.

  • Tywin Lannister is evil? I never thought he was particularly or distinguishably evil in GoT when compared to other more devilish characters. Tywin was more of a cold man who would do anything for his family and its strength – not more evil than Mr Burns at most.

    • Most would describe him as ‘lawful evil.’ Yes, peasants are treated like livestock in Westeros but Mr Burns didn’t unleash savages to burn, rape and murder innocent people just to make a point.

    • I suppose stark is an inventor and philanthropist (as well as fighting evil to protect the entire human race) whereas Lara is more of a treasure hunter that just so happens to take out bad guys along the way – she still has a good heart, just not as dedicated as Stark… I could be wrong though 😉

    • She makes a living from running around ancient, culturally sensitive sites stealing stuff (and shooting things).

      How many people did she kill in the reboot? How many people has she killed in her career?

      If you compare what she does with what an actual archaeologist does, these two things are not the same thing.

  • Monty Burns has tried to be a Bond villain a few times, and tries to steal candy from babies. He deserves to be much lower down. Stark doesn’t torture people and is prepared to die to save the world, he deserves to be higher on the good scale than Wayne.

    • Stark also has a raging ego and has had moments of alchoholism… oh and they turned him into a douche on the latest marvel comics storyline (don’t worry they’ll prolly “fix” him again when the novelty wears off).

      Bruce is just brooding and angry =P And is more than happy to do things other heroes won’t do to “save the world” and I’m fairly sure he is also at the same wavelength of dying to save the world as well!

      In the grand scheme of things it’s hard to actually pin which one is more “altruistic” of the two

      • Plus there’s Batman’s solid “do not kill” policy which is notably lacking in Iron Man.

  • I usually love these graphics but this is all over the place, especially when it comes to the morality scale. Characters so evil that are caricaturesque like Burns and Glomgold should be near the bottom, while I’d argue that Smaug and Lannister are amoral, not evil. Also, I wouldn’t rush to classify Gatsby as “good” even that close to the middle line.

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