$25 Origin Bundle: Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 4, Dead Space 3 & Medal Of Honor

Just because Christmas is behind us doesn't mean the sales have ended! No, for as long as wallets and purses exist, there will be a game bundle or discount occurring somewhere. Today, Origin has the goods, with a $24.99 pack that includes Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3 and Medal of Honor.

The deal can be found on the Origin's website. Normally you'd have to part with $50 to get these titles (from Origin, anyway), but they're current on sale at 50 per cent off.

Of course, the bundle doesn't include any DLC, so if you feel like you're not playing the full game (as it were) without the add-ons, you might want to give it a miss.

And depending on how much you like following a story, you should play the first two Mass Effect games (and arguably Dead Space and Dead Space 2) before embarking on the latest instalment. That said, if you're in the unique position of owning the aforementioned games, minus ME3 or DS3, this is a good way to grab them for less.

ULTIMATE ACTION BUNDLE [Origin, via OzBargain]


    $17 AUD via the Mexican Origin store:


    You will need to use something like Hola Unblocker to stop it re-directing to the Aus store.

    I think i would just get BF4

      I just want BF4 on steam. Until then EA can walk the plank, arharrrr!

    Now if only I could get the story DLC for ME3 for less than $50...

    Unfortunately, the only thing worth playing is ME3. MOH had potential but still lacked. BF4 was worse than BF3. I just didn't care about any of the characters. At least BF3 had that Spetsnaz chase through Paris and Jets! AaaaaaandI'mtooscaredtoplayDeadspace3!!...

      Tbh, I only rented out MOH for the MOH Frontline HD pack

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