7 Video Game Scientists, Killed By Their Own Creations

Seven Video Game Scientists, Killed By Their Own Creations

Chances that you end up dead in a video game are really good if you're one of the inventors or scientists with cutting-edge inventions. If it all happens in a Bioshock game or if this particular genius is the main character's father, then you can even bet money on their fate.

Here's Outside Xbox and seven video game masterminds with phallic flamethrowers and clanking monsters, all getting killed at the end:

Here's all seven "geniuses" shown in the clip. Careful, spoilers.

  1. Your dad in Fallout 3
  2. Cave Johnson in Portal 2
  3. Oswell E. Spencer in Resident Evil 5
  4. Dylan Fuentes in Dead Rising 3
  5. Harlan Wade in F.E.A.R.
  6. Rosalind (and Robert) Lutece in Bioshock Infinite
  7. Dr Suchong in Bioshock


    The most ironic part of this video was their lack of understanding for the word, ironic...

      To which do you refer? I know they use the word a lot, but building a monster only to have it turn on you is the opposite of what you would expect, and it is amusing..

      Last edited 16/01/15 11:53 am

        Well creating something and it killing you isn't ironic, that is just shitty luck. Creating something with the sole purpose of keeping you alive and it ultimately killing you, that is ironic.

        Last edited 21/01/15 4:11 pm

          But is the fact that they used the word without truly understanding its meaning ironic?

    You should add 'Spoiler' tag to the title as there are many who wouldn't have played these game. I got myself spoiled on Fallout 3, Bioshock.

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