A Great Way To Add An Extra Layer Of Adorable To A Yoshi Amiibo

Now here's a great way to add an extra layer of adorable to a Yoshi Amiibo and better prepare for the cutest Yoshi game ever. Reddit's NLightedNd1 made this custom "Yarn Yoshi" figure with some impressive crochet work. I have no idea why Nintendo hasn't made one of its own already. Other body-shots below.

A view from behind:

And the money-maker:

The eyes look a little too creepy for my taste. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing! Yoshi is a dinosaur, after all. Or a lizard? I don't even know anymore.


    That's sew awesome.

      I hate you

        I dont think that's politically crochet.

        Last edited 08/01/15 10:27 pm

        Had me in stitches.

          stop acting like knit-wits you guys!

          are you trying to derail the thread?

          sorry... I don't mean to sound so crochety

          and at least it's still an entertaining yarn

            ah the terrible puns... I woolent have it any other way :p

              Keeping puns going is what we do here.
              Just in case they haven't cottoned on yet.

              If you keep that up I'm gonna have to call the purlice.

                you're knot just going to make a blanket complaint are you?

                  I'll see it you're charged with disturbing the fleece.

                  Don't needle him. It may seam reasonable but it could be construed as a stitch up.

                  if you take me to court expect a denylon every charge until they are all dropped.

    hmm pretty sure that is not actually crochet and just thread glued on in waves so to speak. If you look closely there does not seem to be any weave of the thread amongst itself. Still awesome though!

      It's not crochet. It looks a little untidy where it goes back and forth. I probably would've cut the right length wool and made it look like it was more like the nose.

    "I have no idea why Nintendo hasn’t made one of its own already"

    Im guessing cost.

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