A History Of Open World Gaming

Open world gaming is totally this normalised thing now that applies to every genre you can imagine: racing games, survival games, RPGs, shooters. But, as a concept, it's a relatively new thing. This YouTube video by Ahoy is a really comprehensive, definitive look at the Open World game. It's well produced and absolutely worth a watch.

It might be a little console focused for some of your tastes, but I found this made for some compelling viewing. Particularly the part about Hunter, an open-ended military sim, released in 1991 that I hadn't heard of.

Give it a watch, you won't regret it.


    Hunter and Midwinter etc they were the dream. I have always been an open world tragic

    Even on Monaco GP etc, I was always wishing I could drive to that sprite city on the horizon and check it out

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    Pretty decent summary, really. Most of the early games I could think of got a mention.

    I was worried for a while that they were going to stop with GTA3.

    MIdwinter and Mercenary deserved a mention, I thought, but both missed out.

      I agree. Mercenary was so good. 3D open world where you could buy or steal space ships, destroy buildings, explore for days, and were free to play the two factions against each other. I still have the C64 tape sitting on my shelf, despite having nothing to play it on.

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