A Life-Size Pac-Man Arena, Brought To You By Beer

Budweiser Is Building A Life-Size Pacman Arena For The Super Bowl

Even if you hate the NFL, and couldn't care less about who wins the Super Bowl, you cannot deny that the world stops for two things during this sporting event: the half-time show and Super Bowl ads. This year, for their Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser has built a life-size Pacman arena. I really want a go in that thing.

I have no idea how this is all going to work out. If this is a 'for-the-ad-only' type thing, or whether real-life, non-acting humans will be allowed to traverse the maze at some point. Who knows? But I'm keen to see how it turns out on the day. Almost as excited as I am about the Katy Perry half-time show.

Wait, Katy Perry is the half-time show this year? Man, that is... a step down from Beyonce.

Via Gizmodo


    Lol, seeing that headline made me think of "Club Dread".

    If someone could appropriately control the speed of them remotely, it would be so cool to have everyone on Segways which had been made 'bumper proof.' Best use of Segways I could ever think of.


    I imagined a "life sized" Pac-Man maze to be the width of a 27" monitor.

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