A Snow Day In GTA V's Fake Los Angeles

A Snow Day in GTA V's Fake Los Angeles

The central city in Grand Theft Auto V is supposed to be, essentially, Los Angeles. In real-world LA, snow is pretty much a mythical phenomenon. But Rockstar made flakes fall from the sky in GTA V over the holidays and it looked downright peaceful.

The timelapse video above is courtesy of YouTuber 8-Bit Bastard, who squeezed down a 33-minute journey around the entire GTA V map into two minutes. Cosy, isn't it? You can't even see people committing crimes with snowballs from up on the perch of a railroad car.


    Was this online only? I never got any snow

      Yes, it was for GTA Online, not GTA 5.

    I'm really looking forward to when this game actually come out. Only a few weeks now.

    Yeah. I'm triple dipping. Talk about caught up in the hype >

    That was a beautiful video, until the motion sickness kicked in.

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