After This Smash Bros. Rap Nothing Will Ever Be OK Again

After This Smash Bros. Rap Nothing Will Ever Be OK Again

Smosh's lewd and crude Smash Bros. rap has generated more than two million views since Friday's debut, with countless Villager-induced nightmares to come. I'm never getting this out of my psyche.

While the chorus is catchy as hell (We used to be tight like brothers / By the end you want to murder each other), the rap is crass and offensive. We've got Mega Man crapping himself and having sex with his own arm while he gets all sexist on Samus and calls Mario a sell-out who sleeps with his own brother.

And then there's the Villager. That's all I really have to say about him. Any more and I risk shattering the lock keeping him contained in the shadowy part of my brain reserved for terrors I can never truly forget.


    Good god... That Villager rap O_O

    I didn't even know Smosh still did things.

      my niece loves to sit down with me and watch nerdy nummies. it's actually pretty entertaining, and she makes a whole lot of video game related cakes and biscuits and stuff. imagine my surprise when i saw the latest upload. i had the exact same reaction as you.

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