Bungie Is Fixing Destiny's Most Ridiculous Exploits

Bungie Is Fixing Destiny's Most Ridiculous Exploits

Sorry, Destiny players — starting next week, you won't be able to use the LAN trick on Crota anymore.

Bungie is finally fixing the Crota cheese — and implementing a bunch of other fixes and tweaks — in an update that they say will go live next week.

In addition to the LAN fix, Bungie says they're fixing many of the other popular Crota's End cheeses, like the one that gets you through the maze via exploding lantern, and the one that lets you do the whole bridge encounter without actually crossing the bridge. No more spawning two swordbearers at once either. Hey, maybe while they're squashing player exploits they can fix all the damn bugs?

The good news? Well, this:

  • The existing Pit treasure chest reward moved to killing Ir Yut, the Deathsinger. She has a chance to drop Exotic weapons and armour, class pieces, and Radiant materials.
  • The Pit treasure chest will now contain Radiant Materials.

We might not be able to cheese the whole raid with all of our alts anymore, but at least that Deathsinger encounter is finally going to mean something.

Finally — and this is the best news of all — Vault of Glass exotic weapon drops are getting bumped up to level 32, meaning you won't have to upgrade the new ones you find. Of course, the legendary stuff you find in there will still be pretty useless for level 31-32 characters, but at least this is a start toward keeping the Vault relevant.

Also, Iron Banner's coming back next week.


    Of course, the legendary stuff you find in there will still be pretty useless for level 31-32 characters

    I'd hardly call the Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence useless!

      fatebringer is the best gun in the game. Have done VOG on hard over 50 times. still no vex or vision. :-(

    Hey, maybe while they’re squashing player exploits they can fix all the damn bugs?

    With all their energy spent on telling users "the right way to play", who has time fixing bugs?

    Whilst it would be just peachy if they'd fix more bugs, I don't think it's fair to complain about them squashing "cheese" methods. I'm glad they've patched it.

    Now I can RESPECT the Lv. 32 Guardians walking around the Tower in Raid gear knowing they have gotten it the legit way. Not just for knowing how to pull out a cable like a 2 year old.....

    I just want the story to be interesting but every update goes to show this game may never become more then mediocre.

    Feels like a joke with how little progression there has been after months there's like a handful of bug patches all of it is a slow progression to the final product but we paid for the final product when the game came out now all it is - is a Beta - the raids feel too disconnected to the rest of the game but I do appreciate the complexity of them.

    I'm so glad in one aspect I've been so busy with work in 2014 that I didn't spend too much time with Destiny - when I play games I immerse myself grinding every drop of content out of them.
    -Its obvious so far Destiny punishes this behavior~ people wasted many hours trying to get gear that became completely obsolete when the updates came through - expect this to happen again and again as they lift the level caps - this is how MMORPG's release content except in MMORPG's its usually coming out of a beta or its a proper expansion with lots of new content.

    Destiny's update fell way short of the "lots of new content" - So I'll just stick with - its still a beta.

    The games engine is the most amazing thing ever then the game is filled with nothing to do.

    Only time will tell...

    They lost me with the whole gear = light = 'levels' design. That and there's three classes with only a fraction of a difference between them. :P

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