All The Ways The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Made No Sense

All The Ways The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Made No Sense

Last year’s TMNT movie had so many problems with it. Like hundreds of them, according to Cinema Sins. Many of them involve Skype.

Loads of people went to see the Michael Bay-produced reboot of the TMNT film franchise last year. Judging by the sheer amount of stuff that does not compute in Cinema Sins’ 22-minute round-up, many of those moviegoers had to be rolling their eyes at the plot of the martial arts action blockbuster. I mean, so much of this happening in broad daylight and no one knows about Leo, Mikey, Raph and Don at the end of the movie? Come on.


  • I made it 6 mins into the clip before the actual movie was too painful to keep watching – I feel sorry for people who paid money to see it.

  • Where did this guy go wrong? His videos were good because they were snappy and funny and brought to light actual sins. Now he seems like he’s on a crusade to defame a movie on any possible grounds no matter how vague or stretched the point is.. I got a few minutes in, until he complains that O’Neil rides passed the crime as it’s happening. Does he think he’s like: “AH HA! I see through your obviously staged scene!!” I mean, c’mon! It’s a movie, it’s hardly a sin. Sure, it was a shitty movie, but do we need over 20 minutes of painstaking nitpicking to highlight what made it bad? These videos are now as long as episodes of TV shows. He should make them short and sweet and funny again. That’s one of the weaknesses of amateur content creation, they lack the self editing needed to keep their work in scope and their ideas often just run away on them.

    • Yeah… I mean, I know that nitpicking is what these videos are now, and you really shouldn’t expect anything else. But… actual inconsistencies instead of ‘things I don’t like’ sure were a lot funnier, back when that was what these videos did.

  • Still haven’t watched it. Trailers looked like they just replaced transformers with stupid looking ninja turtles. Hell, it even had that annoying “slow mo action Michael bay transformers” noise…

  • Here’s the thing – the movie was great! It was a Ninja Turtles movie, were you expecting Schindler’s List? If you enjoyed the 80s cartoon, I really don’t see how you didn’t enjoy this movie, plot holes and all. Picking it apart for inaccuracies and plot holes is like playing basketball with the disabled kid and calling him for double dribble.

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