Almost 1 Million People Were Playing Minecraft This Morning

It's a given these days that most games collect information about you as you play. The depth of data can range from where you click on the screen, to dialogue choices, to the amount of time you spend in certain areas. The simplest of metrics though is arguably "current players", a figure Minecraft developer Mojang recently plugged into for its sandbox builder.

Mojang's Nathan Adams tweeted the news today:

He also followed up with a rather large and juicy figure:

Yes, that's 998,000. Almost 1 million. Going by the tweet's post time, this number was plucked at around 1am in Australia, or 6am Friday in California — so yep, hardly what you'd call peak times. It'd be interesting to see this number in the evening on a weekday and / or weekend. It'd be bigger... potentially a lot bigger.

Sure it's got nothing on Steam, but keep in mind that Mojang's stats only include players on Windows, OS X and Linux with version 1.3 and greater. I'm sure if it included consoles, mobile and those who play offline... well, I think it'd give Steam a run for its money.

@Dinnerbone [Twitter, via Reddit]


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