An Incredible Minecraft Recreation Of Dark Souls

An Incredible Minecraft Recreation Of Dark Souls

Maybe it’s because we die so frequently in that world, and have to backtrack so often, but the world of Lordran is just such a familiar one to anyone who has played Dark Souls. That’s why this pitch-perfect Minecraft recreation of the game’s environment is so tremendous. It’s like I can remember every single square inch of this place.

As always, seeing how much work goes into these recreations is a really humbling experience. This is a 1:1 scale recreation, and I find it fascinating the work people put into these pet projects. It’s beautiful.

It also reminds me of how amazing the environment design of Dark Souls is. It manages to feel natural, unique and beautiful all at once. The fact that it all translates to an environment you want to play in and exist is a stellar achievement.

You can see more of this project here.


  • Didn’t recognise some of the shots at first, due to the viewing angle. But once I did, man…. the memories.

    Makes me seriously consider going back to start again with a different character, maybe my first attempt at a magic user. Is this a good idea? I think it’s a good idea.

    • I recently did a paladin build (Dexterity/Faith with high-ish Strength ) because Leroy’s set looks amazing. I use the Dragon Slayer Spear with a divine scimitar in the right hand and a talisman and the Sanctus shield in the left and you’re almost unstoppable.

      I’ve played with magic builds too though, they’re awesome too but not as difficult as a faith build in my opinion.

      • While I have 1000G’d it on 360 with my fighter guy (who was originally a thief? I dunno), I’m not really after added difficulty. My main motivation is just to play it differently. So it’s likely to be magic if anything.

  • *sigh* here we go again down the rabbit hole!
    Mr. Serrels why do you these things to me?
    * loads up Dark Souls*
    See you all in March!

  • If you haven’t done it yet, DEX + END build with great scythe, black bow of pharis and wanderer’s set (or naked) is heaps of fun. As soon as you reach firelink, do a suicide run through the catacombs to get the great scythe. DEX build is so effective in DS1 (not so good in DS2)

  • Thank you for posting this the very day after I lent the game out to a friend.

    Not sure if I hate you for getting me interested when I can’t fulfill that desire to play or thankful for sparing me the pain.

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