Australian Christmas Is Hot, Weird (And Apocalyptic)

Australian Christmas Is Hot, Weird (And Apocalyptic)

Christmas in Australia is weird. It’s the middle of summer, but many people still eat hot Christmas lunch, and there are pictures of snow everywhere. It’d be nice if we could just be more real about it. Like this mad Max-inspired image by Russian artist Igor Sid.

You can see more of Sid’s work at his DeviantArt page.

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  • Real sick of this Aussie weather. Does not help that the house we rent has bugger all insulation. 30oC outside and 35oC inside….

    • If it’s only 30 deg you’ve really got nothing to complain about. This summer has been pretty mild so far.

      • Was using that as an example. Today here in Newcastle for example it was 41oC in the house.

        • Really? That’s insane. I’m just south of Sydney and this seems like the coldest summer in ages.

          • Freeze buckets of water (if you can go a small bin it’s even better, but you need large freezing capacity) then place them in front of your fan. It helps with the heat in the immediate vicinity.

          • god I miss the heat of Alice, apart from a few weeks around christmas it was so dry, sooo much nicer than coastal areas, but I run hot and humidity kills me

    • 44c today, I live in what is essentially a pimped out shed with no insulation and no aircon. wtb money.

      • And now the sky is smoke and my windows are covered in ash, Its going to be one of those summers.

    • I was in the same boat 6 months ago, except the house was either too hot in summer or too cold in winter. I finally got sick of it this year and moved to a house less than 3 years old, best-decision-ever, today was 39 in Melbourne, house barely peaked over 28 when I decided to put on the air con at like 4pm today.

      tl;dr get a newer place for a rental, completely worth it

      • Yeah will be doing just that. Been so hot our 7 month old cannot sleep in her room. The air is way to hot. Our lease is up mid this year so will be moving then.

  • This is one of the reasons I think of “six white boomers” as one of the quintessentially Australian Christmas songs. Pity Rolf Harris has gone and tarnished his work the way he has…

    • I like to think that the was the unexplainable reason I was always creeped out by Rolf.

  • OK it’s 1am and 24 degrees right now in Sydney.
    Can’t sleep but too tired to be interactive. And this laptop is burning by man bits in bed.

    • Its 30 in Melbourne, almost 2am, i would like to propose marriage to the chap that invented air conditioning!

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