Bandai Namco’s Mini-Games Patent Will Expire Soon

Bandai Namco’s Mini-Games Patent Will Expire Soon

Briefly: Remember Ridge Racer‘s amazing Galaga mini-game on PS1? Bandai Namco patented the concept of mini-games in loading screens, but video game lawyer David Hoppe noticed Bandai Namco’s patent is about to expire. The patent was filed November 27, 1995, which means developers can build their own on November 27, 2015.


    • I guess it depends on exactly what the patent covers (I haven’t read it and can’t be bothered reading it :P). I suspect it may be different in the case of FIFA because you’re still just playing FIFA during loading. It’s different to Namco’s stuff where you could play a completely different game while waiting for your game to load.

  • US Patent. If they patented it anywhere else that patent may still be valid even once the US one expires.

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