Bill Gates Drinks Water Made From Human Poop

Bill Gates Drinks Water Made From Human Poop
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If you find this disgusting, you’re missing the point. In this clip spotted by Laughing Squid, Bill Gates – formerly of Microsoft, now of Saving The Planet – takes a look at the Janicki Omniprocessor (which Gates is helping fund), which sounds like something out of a sci-fi version of SimCity, but as you can see is a machine that already exists and already works.

It’s designed to take human waste and boil it. The water vapours are captured, filtered and dispensed as 100 per cent clean drinking water, while the solid matter is burned, which powers a steam engine that generates electricity.

The idea is that they will be useful in places lacking in decent water treatment facilities. Or SimCity expansion packs.


  • Nothing gross about it. They could make it purer than tap water. “100% clean drinking water” is an easy statement – we consider lots of things to be clean that would make a microbiologist cringe.

  • So is the waste they’re burning to get the drinking water biosolid material, as in the stuff you get after the final stages of waste treatment? or we talking raw just come in and been separated from the crap people flush down the toilet? I would be guessing it’s biosolids since they’re around 88% water content.

    Pretty cool concept & idea.

  • I made a simpler version which involves a short length of hose that connects your butt to your mouth. It is not as useful.

  • Not muh Gates without his glasses, it’s part of his image!
    Cool thing though. That shitty water should be perfectly fine with all the filtering and heating processes it has to go through.

  • There’s a fair few of these treatment plants dotted around the world. Of course they don’t advertise that people are drinking treated water as there’ll be a collective response of ‘EEEEWWWWWWW’ and ‘GET THAT THE HELL OUT OF MY TOWN, ONLY BOTTLED WATER FOR MY LITTLE ANGELS’.

    The irony is that in the amount of treatments this goes through it’s regularly more pure than bottled or tap water

  • They proposed a sewage treatment plant for Queensland once, they even proved beyond compare that the water it put out was cleaner than the water in Wyvenhoe Dam and all other places by a factor of up to 5-10 percent. What was amazing, was peoples reaction to it. “I’m not drinking sh*t!” they would say. However they’re ok with drinking water that cows die in, fish bang in, fish pee and poo in and all sorts of other stuff exists in…

  • Melbourne does it. Although it does go a long way round.

    The Eastern Treatment plant pumps recycled water to Thompson Dam. Goes through about 4 more damn and kilometres of rivers, but we drink it.

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