Brave Human Trying To 'Finish' Animal Crossing, Live

Brave Human Trying To

Awesome Games Done Quick have finished some difficult games over the last few days, but surely none are as tough as Animal Crossing, a game that doesn't even have what you'd call an "end".

Still, Forstride is going to give it a shot. Deciding that you can complete what the game wants you to complete (in terms of design) by paying off your debts to Tom Nook, he's flying around the map talking to villagers, chopping stuff down, fishing stuff out and selling it all off at an insane pace.

This is not how Animal Crossing is meant to be played. But it's damn fun to watch.


    I really want to turn on my 3DS and have all the villagers be like...

    "But... we thought you were dead?!"

      He went out to pick weeds one day, and we never saw him again...

      The pitfalls of animal crossing.

      ROFLMAO... i wonder what the town on my GC game would say xD

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