But What Do Video Games SMELL Like?

But What Do Video Games SMELL Like?

Aside from the gunsmoke and dirt and filtered air and sweat everywhere, I mean. Artist AJ Hateley thinks she has an answer, at least when it comes to the scent of some famous game characters and places.

So she's made this range of candles, designed to give off the smell of the place/person in question. There's one for Zelda, one for Portal, one for Final Fantasy and one for Skyrim.

I want to think the Zelda one smells like pine, with hints of raw milk and jelly. Portal? Must, with overbearing tones of lemon. And Skyrim's is probably overencumbered with the smell of fur and dirty gold.

But What Do Video Games SMELL Like?


    Gametee's stuff is so nice, but really expensive after conversion and shipping. Boo economy.

    Here I thought somebody was going to re-create the smell of a stack of games for whatever reason. The memory card slot on my original xbox controller smelled amazing back in the day, like the memory of all the times I had playing xbox games in one scent.

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