Captain America Finally Makes It To Call Of Duty

One of my favourite things about living in Japan for a while was watching Hollywood celebrities line-up to sell their souls in big budget ads that were never played or seen in the west. This Call of Duty Online Ad, made in China featuring Chris Evans of Captain America fame, falls squarely into that bucket.

Call of Duty Online is a China-exclusive free-to-play online shooter that's been in beta since last year. The full game gets released on January 11 and this trailer is designed to build the hype for that big release.

I actually think the trailer is sorta cool. It has the same tone and feel as some of the western Call of Duty trailers we've seen in the past, but is far less obnoxious in its desire to get us all to 'bro-down'. There's actually a woman in this trailer, which might be a first for Call of Duty marketing!

Also — the bit where the guy gets interrupted by a phone call from his mother is gold.

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