Chappie Looks Like Robocop Mixed With Short Circuit

New Chappie Trailer Shows the World Terrified By a Teen Robot

And I'm totally okay with this.

At least I think I'm okay with this. Watching each new trailer for Chappie brings excitement, but also a layer of nervousness. I loved District 9 but wasn't a fan of Elysium. I can't help but feel as though Neil Blomkamp's Chappie mixes the best and worst of both of these films. I'm hoping the movie delivers.

But seriously: I'm so down with Jackman's mullet and I love it when he plays a brutal villain. Jackman was great in Prisoners and it looks as though he puts in a top-notch performance here.


    Mullet clad, Australian accented Huge Jackedman, along with Ninja and Yolandi Vi$$er was enough to sell this for me. The addition of Blomkamp, robots and Sharlto Copley kind of seals the deal. Got my sadness safety jacket on though, this looks like it could have some =((( moments.

      Wow, can't wait to see the Ninja and Yolandi in action, I had no idea they were going to be in this and I was already pretty hyped. Their music is growing on me more and more and it really helps that I understand Afrikaans.

      You just know that Chappie will die at the end. It's that kind of movie.

    I really hope the movie isn't as action orientated as the trailer. It's almost like they're selling it as a superhero film.

    On the other hand, Hugh Jackman with a mullet is a pretty damned good selling point.

    I was turned off as soon as I saw Die Atwood in the film.

    At first glace I thought that this was a new Chuck Norris movie

    I was turned off as soon as I saw it was associated with district 9. I never got that movie, I've tried to watch it multiple times and could never make it past the 40 minute mark.

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