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I've already admitted that I don't quite understand amiibos. Don't understand why anyone would want to collect them, not quite sure what additional value they add. But it's clear that I'm in the minority. I think. What are your thoughts on amiibos so far?

Do you use your amiibo? Have you been collecting them? Are they gathering dust on your shelf? Have you bought them without understanding your motivations, simply drawn to some strange need to own and cradle them?

Either way I'm keen to hear your opinions about amiibos and your experience with them so far. Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


    I preordered a spot on the preorder waiting list for the Q2 2019 wave but I got told not to get my hopes up on securing one.

    I like Amiibos overall. They're decent-enough figurines that unlock bonus stuff in games I would've bought anyway. I also hope they make an actual amiibo-focused game eventually.

    But the scarcity of them has really brought my enthusiasm down. I've never even seen a Link amiibo for sale. I was never looking to collect them all but I feel like I have to pre-order my favourite characters just for the ability to even get one, which sucks.

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      You'll get a Link, they will keep making those.

    I think they're great! I play with them with my younger sister (4 yo) and it helps us both play together with characters she thinks are cool that she may not be able to play by herself yet, like pikachu, as a toy irl. And then I can use it in my games for extra content! We all win :D

    I only wanted 3 for SSB, Fox, Link and Samus and even I didn't use them I wanted them as little statues. Seems to be no chance of getting them restocked so I don't give a shit anymore. If they are going to restock 3 diff versions of Mario than I will continue to shake my head at Nintendo.

    I currently have 13. I run little Amiibo tournaments to see the best trained and strongest amiibos every couple of weeks, the bottom three get deleted every time.

    i trained link to crouch in the corner of every smash brothers level. these things are hilarious. not worth 20 bucks though.

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me these are just a way of extracting more money out of younger gamers. The same way McDonalds/McDowells (cleverly from a CEO point of view) markets towards kids forcing Mums and Dads to take them there and buy their products.

    I call it 'The Stupid Woolworths Cards Effect'.

    I guess if you are a collector of merch they would appeal.

    I personally don't have any, but I wouldn't rule out getting some in the future.

    I have all of them and my hoarding OCD dictates that I'll get them all :(

    I dont own a wii U and I have 3 of them. I have used then on a friend's one however. So disappointed at the lack of supply though and shame on all the eBay jerks trying to extort people.

    I got 3 and now I have 3 kind of cool mario kart costumes I guess? They look nice on the shelf too now so, there's that

    I have a Luigi one and would like a Toon Link one when it gets released but I don't like my chances of getting one.

    They just look like cool figures that can sit on my desk, if they unlock something in future games then that's an added bonus.

    Amiibos pretty much just reinforce the fact that I don't understand Nintendo or Nintendo people anymore.

    The figures look great and are a bargain for $15, plus they do stuff in games. Why spend $30 plus on a similar sized figure that looks no better and doesn't give you any rewards?

    I have 3 of them, and I'll likely pick up more if I see ones I like in the shop.
    Repeated for emphasis: if I see ones I like in the shop...

      So what you're saying is you'll never ever get another one?

    I have Samus and she sits in her box, unopened. Yeah, I don;t really understand the amiibo thing.

    I don't own any Amiibos, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I do kind of understand the "collect them all" impulse, but I see them as more of a relationship thing, where you would buy your favourite(s) and use them all the time. Which is why it disappoints me that a) you only get to store data from one game at a time on them, and b) there's really no 'killer app' for them yet. You can do cool things with smash bros., but other than that they... unlock stuff?
    I see a lot of potential for these things, taking them from game to game and becoming friends (or friendly rivals), but the potential is very far from realized.

    I have a Samus and Fox, which I had to get in the US while on vacation. Problem is, I only have a New 3DS XL with Smash Bros, and until Nintendo makes the Amibos compatible with that, they're little more than nice little desk ornaments. But it's nice to have a mini trophy of my fave character that doesn't look like it came out of a Kinder-Surprise.

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