Community Review: Console Report Card

Since games are a little thin on the ground at the moment, I thought it might be fun to take some time and discuss 'current gen' or 'next gen' consoles. Whatever we're calling them these days. The Xbox One has been out for over a year, as has the PlayStation 4. The Wii U has been on shelves for two years now. How are you finding your consoles so far?

I'm going to go through them one by one in no particular order.

Wii U

Pros: Best line-up of exclusives. Mario Kart 8. The Wii U GamePad: I was cynical at first but it genuinely has come in handy. When everyone is watching some terrible movie on my TV, I still get to play whatever I want. Cons: Third party support, obviously! Nintendo is still behind the times when it comes to online gaming. Needs a steadier supply of games. Overall: The Wii U is being ignored and that's a shame. In terms of exclusives it's easily the best of the three.

Xbox One

Pros: It's really starting to prove itself as a useful media centre. Skype with Kinect is great. Halo 5 Beta! Great third party support. Still love that controller. Cons: User interface is a bit of a mess. Third party games run slightly better on the competition. Kinect as a whole still isn't accurate enough. Overall: I've had a lot of problems with the Xbox One, but Microsoft is really committed to this box. Each update brings something useful to the table. I like it more and more each day.

PlayStation 4

Pros: Console of choice for third-party titles. I find the UI quick, accessible and smooth. Share button works brilliantly. Twitch integration is almost flawless. Headphone jack in the controller: amazing. Controller as a whole: massive improvement. Looks great. Updates are quick fast and well integrated. PlayStation + games are always unreal. Cons: Noisy. PSN is down all the time! Still no way to stream mkvs? Overall: I love the PlayStation 4. Which was such a surprise to me, because I didn't like the PlayStation 3 at all. A lot of things to work on, but the console does so much right.

Okay that's my quick report card: let's hear/read yours!


    Remote Play on PS4 if you own a Vita, very handy.

      Or any Sony Xperia Phone & Tablet. Works like a charm on my Z2.

        works on any android phone if you just download the apk, albeit without controller support

          Tried playing Destiny on the phone without the controller. Never again :P

          You really need to have a solid, strong connection for your PS4 & Phone to make use of it. Otherwise your phone may timeout frequently.

            mine seems to be fairly smooth on the wifi, however i tried on my 4g (semi-benfit to the cracked version) and a friends wifi and it worked briefly but would always drop after a minute or so.

        Aw man.....don't say that. I'll have to ditch the iphone.

        Who am I kidding, I want to ditch this piece of crap anyway.

    I only have the PS4 so far and am enjoying it. Still waiting for some killer exclusives though. Looking forward to Uncharted 4 and No Mans Sky!

    I always get defensive when I hear the line "Wii U has the best exclusives." More so because the titles it offers are yes, Exclusives, But same old IP's and Gameplay usually. But If I sit here and try to think of Ps4 and Xbone Exclusives, Well yeah you don't really have all that much of a list.

    And that, my dear's, is why Pc.

      Sorry for the downvote, but this is a thread about consoles. We dont need the PC-megarace (or whatever they are called) coming into here and saying stuff like this

        That's why a bulk of my text was about Consoles.

        Don't try and censor me for just mentioning the Pc. I didn't go all elitist on you. I genuinely enjoy the Pc platform, there's no need to dress it up as something bigger than it is. If you don't like my opinion, or the way I share it, that's your choice. But choosing to downvote because other Pc Pricks have made you butthurt in the past with their trolling ain't my issue dude.

        Sorry for the down vote but this is an open forum & that wasn't a horrible PC master race comment & merely someone voicing their opinion.

        Besides, your both wrong, handhelds are best.

          Oh man, Nothing beats being outside, on a beautiful day, and Looking down on your Psp Smashing Combo's on tekken, or just wallowing in the fun combat Of Kingdom hearts: Birth by sleep.

    Wii U

    Pros: Definitely the gamepad, it brings a lot of functionality to games
    Cons: Gamepad battery life, mines pretty much always plugged into charge now, as the Wii U has a standby mode the gamepad constantly uses a bit of power and can be flat by the time I get back to playing it.
    Overall: It's collecting dust, nothing is interesting me on it currently.

    PlayStation 4

    Pros: graphics, things look real nice.
    Cons: controller battery life, I don't know what they did to it, but it goes flat very quickly, where as the Wii U pro controller seems to never go flat.
    Dickheads targeting the PSN for DDoS.
    Overall: It's my current gaming machine, it has what I want to play and it performs well.

      Summary: Batteries suck?


          I don't get this either, as DS3 went forever on a charge. It can't all be that stupid LED thing right?

            Yeah, it is, chews down 1-2hr+ with the LED's enabled. Someone opened it up and disconnected them and saw how much is required to run em, it's a lot. :(

          I haven't had a problem. I went 5 hours without needing a charge yesterday, although I do not know what is the norm.

            5 hours is pathetic, my Xbox One controller goes for 35 hours on AA's. My PS4 controller needs to be re-charged atleast every other day if not every day. It's annoying is what it is..

      I agree about the Dual Shock 4. My sixaxis lasted forever (no vibration) so it's annoying to go from that infinite battery life to a matter of hours.

      I had an issue with the Dualshock 3 batteries never holding a charge on my PS3. I basically had to leave it plugged in all the time when in use which was especially annoying because slightly jostling the power cord could cause the controller to disconnect temporarily and have to resync. Caused a lot of hairpulling moments during critical QTEs back when I was playing Heavy Rain.

        Yeah I could see how the "X to Jason" and then run out of batteries could be frustrating.

          PS3 controllers are cheap from pawn shops (even Eb has somewhat cheap preowned) I think I had about 8 all up from several consoles over the years too

          - but in any case they have always had the best and most reliable battery life of all the wireless controllers ive owned - if theres something wrong with yours it means its just too old and there's an issue with the internal battery and its time to replace it.

        My 360 battery is similar. Worked for years & refuses to hold charge now.

        Works fine plugged in :-/

          Re-chargeable batteries wear down over time. When a re-chargeable battery stops holding charge, you have to buy a new one. It's just how it is - for any device.

            Sure, wears down over time. Not just quits completely one day.

            I own a kajillion battery run devices. This by far has been 'the wurst

              Your talking years here - you need a new battery. Also, you should never leave the charge cable always connected, and never use the charge cable without a battery inserted in the xbox360 controller. Both can cause damage to the battery and the controller.

              Also, if you don't use your controller for weeks at a time, the battery will lose charge that way as well, and need to be re-charged when you start using it again.

              Rule of thumb, for any device, if you are not using it for long periods of time - remove the battery until you are using it again. Especially good thing to remember for your cars battery too!

                No, I'm not. Maybe one year.

                I bought my 360 after Resident Evil 5 came out then the battery pack years later.

                It went from lasting me a week or two(depending on use) to not working at all.

                I got a dud.

                  Should of got a refund... still need to buy a new battery though :/

        Strange, mine last for yonks, even if I hadn't used them for ages.

    WiiU - Excellent system, I am currently finishing off Captain Toad (that stupid endless mummy maze level). Whenever there is a Nintendo title released, my WiiU will be on the go every evening. The Gamepad screen is also very handy, meaning I can quietly play my game on the couch while the TV is being used.

    Xbone - Probably my most used controller, even though I don't own the console! Being primarily a PC gamer there is usually an Xbone controller in my hand when gaming. It is very comfy and the dpad is a massive improvement over the 360 controller.

    PS4 - Seriously have barely touched it since finishing inFamous, it is now mostly used as a blu ray player. Bloodborne is out this year so it will see some action then, and I know it has promise for the future - I'm just not seeing it yet.

      I find the PS4 bluray playing capabilities to be quite poor. Not as easy to use as the PS3 and the lack of multimedia remote makes it frustrating

        Yeah, what the hell is the deal with that? They even have a perfectly compatible bluetooth adapter for the harmony remote (which I own and use with the PS3) but they don't support it. The only way to control it with a remote is apparently via HDMI from the TV. It doesn't work with my 5 year old LG TV, and I get the impression it only works well with a recent Sony TV. So maybe it's all part of their grand plan to get you to buy a Sony TV to control your PS4?

        In short, grrr!

        Yeah I just make do with the PS4 controller.

        I have a PS3 and blu ray remote but that's hooked up to a different TV

    I only have a Wii U so a short report card from me:
    VC has a tonne of games that I enjoy and want to play, especially the first two Breath of Fire games and a bunch of GBA games. The ability to just wander around with the tablet/pad and play/manage things is fantastic since I don't want to always be fooling around with TV input select and stuff.
    Outside of the VC, the game selection is poor, though I play my PS3 more often anyway so the small games library isn't a problem. The tablet is a woefully underused part of the system, both in terms of game support and general app potential. Using the tablet controller is terrible for anything involving the shoulder buttons (for me).
    I'm happy with the WiiU. I bought it mainly for the VC library and I love the concept of walk-away gaming and hope that it becomes the next step in gaming.

    Wii U - The best next-gen system out at the moment. I think I've said it before here but in terms of price-to-fun ratio its the best of the lot. So many great games from a wide variety of genres. Plus no obnoxious 3GB downloads every second day for patches.

    PS4 - Seems like a great system but whenever I turn it on I look around for a game to play then turn it off. Definitely no exclusives that have caught my eye. Not sure what you mean about noisy @serrels, it's never audible for me. Might be worth getting checked out.

    Xbox One - Has a couple of great exclusives such as Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive. Plus Kinect is great for Skype. I think I prefer the Xbox One controller, but really both are much better than either of the controllers from the previous generation.

    Last edited 19/01/15 11:25 am

    Well I can only do the Xbone because I don't own the others (yet).

    I think it's got better exclusives than the PS4 at this point.
    Xbox Live is great, the ability to easily access the US store (while slightly sneaky) is wonderful.
    I've been playing it lots and its fun.

    3rd party titles generally run better on the PS4.
    The 360 controller had less features but felt a lot sturdier than the Xbone’s.
    Kinect is a solution to a problem nobody had and itself actually causes problems. Controller drop outs, multiplayer controller switching, useless functionality, CPU hogging. It’s pretty shit really.
    Tons of media options but still can’t play a custom soundtrack in game for some f*cking reason.

    It’s not perfect, but I’m having a lot of fun with it and that’s all that matters. I prefer it over the PS4 right at this moment because I’d rather have a few better exclusives than a slight bump in the graphic quality of the shared titles.

    Last edited 19/01/15 11:26 am

    For me xbone - I havent picked up a retail game since launch. Yikes. Sunset overdrive and Halo collection will be picked up at some point but at this stage my xbone has been used exclusively to play the incredible D4. Other than that it gets turned on for firmware beta testing from time to time.

    PS4 - I've picked up two retail games after launch (one of which I haven't played) but there is some stuff in my future Toukiden Kiwami, The Order, FFType-0, Bloodborne all around March. Roll on March I guess. My PS4 is my Destiny machine these days. It's relieving to shoot things while watching Netflix ;)

    Wii U - Surprisingly the best of the consoles for me this past year. Mario World 3D, Mario Kart 8, Smash & Captain Toad all got big play in my house and have been multiplayer favouries. Bayonetta 2 was fantastic as was being able to replay through the original as a bonus. Counting the days until I can have Xenoblade on Wii U. So much hype.

    PC - Well this is where all my multiplats live. Loving Dragon Age. Loving picking up new titles for sub $50 or for dollars if I can wait a couple months. Sure that $500 I spent on a 970 stings but look at the shiny!!! Looking forward to Life is Strange in the immediate future.

    3DS - Got some play in the past year. Sunk some quality time into SMT, Persona Q, Theatrhythm.

    Vita - Love this system. Continues to deliver my kind of quality titles on a consistant basis. Currently going through Senran Kagure Bon Appetite but looking forward to some more RPG stuff in the future. I'll probably pick up Toukiden Kiwami for the cross save functionality as well.

    My PS4 isn't noisy...
    What noise are you hearing, or is it that it's louder than the Xbone?

      I was wondering what that was about...I've never noticed it being noisy and I hear like a bat.

      It's substantially louder and hotter than my Xbox One. I notice it.

    Yes! The PS4 is so noisy! I couldn't believe how much it would roar when I was playing certain parts of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I googled it, because I thought mine was broken, but it's actually very common.

      Yep I didn't think it was a huge issue until Aussie summer rolled around. Things fires up to max fan within minutes in this current heat.

        I'm in Melbourne and we haven't hardly even had summer heat yet and it still gets noisy! I'll probably swap back to playing things on my PS3 in the heat, because I've never had issues with it.

          Really? I had this trouble with my old fat PS3. It drove me crazy when it kicked into hairdryer mode. Had to turn the volume up or subtitles on.

          No joke this actually make me unlikely to get a PS4 now :(

            Do you mean the George Foreman Grill PS3s? That's the one I've got and it's been a gem. I don't ever recall it labouring the way my PS4 does. That being said, my PS4 doesn't do it constantly, but DA:I is the only major AAA title I've played on it, so I don't know what it would be like with other non indie titles.

              Still running my original PS3 but I get the noise piece with it - seriously sounds like the fan throttles something shocking when we're using PlayTV (pretty much all we use it for now). I always panic and check whether the vents are dusted up again, clean it out, then sit back and hear it crank again. @mrbs - definitely think it's an environmental heat issue...

    dat Bloodborne tho.

    I have a Wii U and a PS4 and agree with basically your entire assessment.

    I haven't played either Wii U or XboxOne, so I can't really comment.

    But I do love my PS4!! Haven't noticed any noise though. Maybe because I use a headset. Meh.

    Looking forward to this year's line up of games!!


    Game library is slowly building up. Destiny, GTA V, The Last Of Us, inFamous, Wolfenstein, Dragon Age. All play great.

    Some work needs doing. The PS Store doesn't work after you've loaded up a game and is still hideously overpriced considering I can go to the shops for an hour or two, get a physical copy and it costing less including travel and then have it install quicker including the time it takes to buy a game than downloading from the PS Store.

    Wii U:

    Pros: Good exclusives? Yes, the first party titles are great. Gamepad is nifty.
    Cons: Not enough games. When actually looking at the library of available games, the only ones that I have any interest in playing are the 4 or so I already own. 4 games. That's not a lot. And oh my word the operating system. Vastly improved since launch but still slow as a wet week.


    Pros: Love it. Love the exclusives, Wii U be damned. Controller is fantastic, as is media support. Kinect is a very handy addition.
    Cons: Slightly bugged operating system, not super intuitive without kinect.


    Pros: Great lineup of games, both exclusives and third party. Controller is so much improved (I hated DS3 with a passion), OS is slick and generally runs really well, though not without issues.
    Cons: Frequent PSN downtime, whether Sony's fault or no. Sub-par multimedia support, sometimes overcomplicated menu hierarchy, and general instability (I fairly regularly have games crash to the home screen)

    My thoughts:

    All systems are unique, and offer something different to their competitors. It is worth owning all three systems, but if that is out of your means, any of the three is a solid choice.

    I can't comment on the PS4 or wii U. I have no intention of ever picking up a Wii U and outside of briefly fiddling with a PS4 controller right near launch (and being pleasantly surprised with how it felt after the flimsy/awkward feeling Sixaxis/Dualshock 3) I haven't used a PS4.

    I still prefer the asyemmetrical thumbstick layout of the Xbox controller and while a year ago the Xbone controller felt very cheap and flimsy compared to the helft of the 360 controllers, I've gotten used to them and appreciate the fact that the underside of the controller is no longer cluttered by the battery pack.

    The Windows 8/Metro dashboard still feels a bit cluttery and random but I've started making use of pin function to quickly access my digital content. Again, uit's something I've adjusted to so while it's not as intuitive as the 360 used to be, it at least makes sense.

    The game experience varies from game to game. The game I've spent the most time with was Destiny and in spite of mixed feelings about it I enjoy it. It's a shame we're still waiting on the time-locked PS4-exclusive content but oh well. Have experimented with the "free" games with gold offerings and found equal amount of gold and crap under those murky waters. Still, averaging the cost of the gold subscription across the year vs. the value of the games I actually enjoy playing that I don't have to pay for seperately and I'm coming out ahead.

    Media features are excellent, and I'm actually finding it worthwhile buying digital titles via Xbox Video - we purchased and streamed Dallas Buyer's Club in HD with no buffering, which was a huge issue when we last experimented with streaming movies on the 360 a few years ago and turned me off the service entirely for quite some time.

    I love the cloud syncing for profiles/savegames especially since we have multiple Xbox One units now. I can seamlessly continue a game where I left off on either console, even though I primarily play on the secondary unit (which lives near our computer desk) I can pick up and move to the main TV if my wife wants to use the PC for awhile. It also enables my friends to do the same while visiting my place, especially useful for multiplayer games where they might want to use their own characters/profiles/unlocked content instead of needing to start over.

    I guess that's pretty much it. It took awhile for me to get in the new-gen groove but I think I'm pretty close to being unable to go back so I plan to spend this year really smashing my pile of shame because I doubt the 360 is going to endure into 2016.

      Oh, I read some other posts and saw mention of media remotes - we picked one up for the Xbone and it's brilliant. One of the major uses we have for the Xbox One is viewing youtube content and most videos are longer than the controller inactivity timeout so we had issues where the next video on the channel or suggestion queue would autoplay before we'd get the controller powered back on or think to shout "Xbox go back" at the kinect. Media remote solved that issue. It's a cool little device that has LED backlights under the buttons that only light up when it's being held, I assume to conserve battery life. I haven't bothered to investigate this, but assume it has an accelerometer to detect when being picked up so it can light up to be used (great when you're watching stuff with the lights off etc.) but doesn't sit there glowing obnoxiously draining the batteries when you don't need it. A lot of thought went into that device and it's perfect.

    Only have the Wii U, and only had it since Friday.
    My only gripe so far is the gamepad could be a bit more ergonomic. The buttons directly underneath the right analogue stick are awkward for me. So are using the triggers. I'm sure I'll get used to it though.

    WiiU - cant really comment as we sold ours after 2 months. Hated the os and gamepad and the games are obviously not made for me anymore.

    Ps4 - haven't switched it on since TLOU remastered. It's ok, I'm just glad it's my exclusives box this gen, with psn being as bad as it was last gen.

    X1 - I use this console most as 95% of my gamer friends play together on xbl, I wsh they had dropped the kinect before launch and spent the extra $100 of ms buying power on a better gpu/cpu. The os and snap features are far too slow and need to be fixed. Seriously, they could have just brought the 360 os up and let that go, I still prefer it.

    All that aside, my bias still lands with ms and x1. Probably just from the positive co-op and mulitplayer experiences I've had with my mates, rather than objective reasoning.

    Last edited 19/01/15 1:42 pm

    I have them all. WII - U hands down has been played the most.. Wer'e talking games here not media stuff that i can simply use my laptop for.

      RE the media stuff.
      Serious question, are you saying that you would rather watch TV shows or movies on a laptop than on your TV?

        I read this as having the laptop hooked up to the telly. I use my laptop for media this way rather than my PS4.

          Ahh ok. I guess that makes more sense, heh :p

    I'm sorry but the ps4 does not have good third party games yet. The best one they have is a remake of the last of us. It very may have the best coming but it doesn't have them yet

    It has massive potential but is yet to shine. It's first year titles were pretty bland....

      Err third party would imply it's not a Sony exclusive, and Naughty Dog is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment :/

      Of the 3rd party games I own; there's GTA V, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Trials Fusion which I think are quite good and have sunk countless hours into all of them..

      I'm not a huge gamer, I stick to a select range of games, but seems a bit naive to say there's no good third party games, and the exclusives I have aren't bad either... Infamous Second Son was quite an enjoyable game, a game I feel is worth replaying and getting 100% on.

      That's a first party game.

      Third party games are not funded by the console makers, they're made by independent publishers like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.
      Think Destiny, CoD, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Battlefield, The Witcher, Dying Light, Sleeping Dogs, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, et all...

      As opposed to games like
      Uncharted, Drive Club, Forza, Halo, Killzone, The Order, Gears of War,

        Oh yeah sorry!! Lots of third party, not many exclusives. I stand by what I said though. Really poor exclusives with the potential of many good ones to come.

        So my rating is a poor first year on the game front

    PS4 is so noisy! Even playing any game for less than 5 minuets I hear the fans kick in. Getting sick of having the PSN always going down. Also wish you could swap out the DS4 batteries for newly charged ones. Apart from those things I am very happy with the PS4.

    Bought a Wii U on Friday and I'm loving it! Love the gamepad. Wish the battery would last longer ,the gamepad screen was a full HD screen and it had a removable battery with a standalone charger. I have no issue with long seasons of gaming with the gamepad. I find it really comfy.

    I have a smart TV that can handle media files, so I don't really care all that much about media streaming on the PS4.

    Last edited 19/01/15 12:10 pm

    I've both the xbox and ps4 but I just find myself using the bone more... like, a lot more.

    I prefer the UI on xbox, and I prefer the controller (the ds4 just feels too light and flimsy for me).
    I find I prefer the exclusives on xbox (there haven't been that many on PS yet, though I'll undoubtedly buy Uncharted when that comes out).
    MS have been faster and better about the updates to system software.
    Both consoles have had broken games, and need to do something about their certifying procedures.
    Games do generally look better on PS4, but I guess I'm just not as concerned by the prettyness of the graphics as I thought I would be when I bought my PS4.
    In terms of the media playing stuff, Play-To on xbox is great... and their media player can handle a bunch more formats than the PS4.

    I wish xbox would sort out playing music in the background though... they've really got to get on that.

      "I wish xbox would sort out playing music in the background though... they've really got to get on that."

      Keep on fighting the good fight! I hate that this feature is missing!

        I've heard (though I don't have a source) that background music is coming in the next few months

        Oh yeah!! I have complained to Microsoft directly so many times about this!!! It's just totally unbelieveable that I must snap their crappy music app (which gimps my game screen) amd pay for a whole new subscription (for music I haven't already purchased and own) in order to listen to music and play a game.


    Regarding the Wii U -

    Third Party Support - what does this give it? For the early months (years?) of the console's life cycle, the main criticism was lack of games. But what games there were, were above par. This mentality that 'launch games are always bad' is a fallacy, but you'd believe it if you only thought there were two consoles out. Throw in backward compatibility, the virtual console, and the eshop. I want the third parties to remember how to make working titles once again, then they bring their games to a Nintendo console.

    Online - again, this is invalid. Any games you can play online, you can play for free and if there was an option for voice chat during matches where the majority of folk are all speaking different languages (ie Smash Bros), you'd turn it off. When someone who spends time around games sites is still asking about friend codes on Wii U they are either ignorant or under-served by the games site they are on. It's that simple.

    Steady supply - see above, but even this is a sliding scale nowadays. Steam/iOS have disrupted release schedules. Do we want new games weekly on this thing? You get stuff like Meme Run.

    What you think you want, you really don't.

    I am playing games from launch, still. That's my personal habit (and all of this has been my opinion!) on show but last week we didn't expect last-generation Wii titles to be part of the Wii U's virtual console library. Now they are. Not only that, my save games on Mario Galaxy 2 were carried over as well.

    Love my Wii U.

    PS4: greatly improved controller and much quicker to install games. The lay out of the PS4 and its store annoys me and I don't know why. Also outside of Infamous, can't think of another good exclusive. But that should change this year.
    Xbox One: controller still good and better exclusives. Takes too long to install games though.
    Wii U: Don't own one and don't plan to.

    As for the graphics argument that games look better on the PS4 than the Xbox, couldn't care less. I can honestly not tell the difference between a game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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