Comparing The Best Weather Effects In Racing Games

Comparing The Best Weather Effects In Racing Games

On one side, Driveclub with its game-changing weather system. On the other, the beautiful Project CARS.

Spotted by DSOGaming, this video by YouTuber MotoGamesTV compares the rain effects found in the two games, from both third-person and cockpit views, on different tracks, in the afternoon and the evening. I can’t tell which one’s better, personally.


  • is it just me or does driveclub seem to leave project cars behind eating its dust?

    damn, kudos to the driveclub team, they shipped a broken game, but its samn good looking… pitty all the hype got swept aside by all the connection issues… they really screwed the timing.

    lighting & weather in driveclub seems so much better.. especially that night-time audi r8 comparison…. holy shit.

    • At least the game will get a second chance when (if?) they finally get around to releasing the PS+ edition, which will allow everybody to try it out in a much better state than it was in at launch.

  • And Forza Horizon 2 for actually being fun to play…weeeee!

    Seriously, I’ve only played DC in comparison to PC, and the weather effects are pretty insane. Game is kind of on the dull side for me but alas, all those games look pretty.

  • There is no doubt the rain in Driveclub sets a new benchmark in what it should look like, easily the best rain weather i’ve seen in a racer. Just too bad that Driveclub is not really a propper sim, If sim racing is your thing, PCars is the only choice between those 2.
    On another note, I really wish Sony and Logitech would sort their shit out and get supported drivers for the G25/27. Probably the most popular sim wheel on the market and you can’t use it on ps4. Can mark it up as another reason why Driveclub won’t be getting my money, don’t really feel like buying the game and a whole new wheel.

      • Driveclub simply doesn’t properly simulate racing nor have the car physics of a genuine Sim racer such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa or rFactor (Project cars looks like it will). Of course it’s not an Arcade game either; I think most people refer to games like Driveclub and Forza Horizon as ‘Simcades’. I seem to remember reading a statement from the developers of DC stating that it was supposed to fall in-between an arcade and a sim as well.

        Simcades certainly have a massive target market, people who want more than Mario Cart but not the intricacies and difficulties of iracing, probably a more profitable segment of the market as well, but personally I race in full sims, I’ve spent so much time in them that I can’t play simcade’s any more.

      • hmmm now that is an interesting little device. I might have to look around and see if anyone can prove it…

  • Driveclub looks like it has heaps of filters and FX, Project Cars looks a little dull next to it, but it’s much closer to real life, which what I want.

  • Last time i saw footage of DriveClub it didn’t even look that good. Now it suddenly does, or is it that it looks better with rain and in the dark?

  • Can’t tell which is better? Go to an optometrist and get your eyes checked. Driveclub’s rain effects are an order of magnitude better, especially inside the car. ProjCARS is probably the better game, don’t get me wrong, but, weather effects wise, you’re looking at a cheated effect versus a physical simulation. PC just blobs movable objects onto the camera (regardless of whether it’s a chase cam or a helmet visor. DC simulates water drops in motion, and diffuses the light through them. Look at how the tail lights are smeary at night in the chase cam, and how the droplets slide about on the windshield inside the car – they slow under braking, accelerate when the car accelerates, and they shift side to side as the car corners. It’s utterly brilliant. Even cooler is the little rivulet of run off as the wiper pushes more water to the left edge of the car, and it runs off towards the back. Just stunning.

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