Cosplayer Is A Perfect Hiro From Big Hero 6

Cosplayer Is A Perfect Hiro From Big Hero 6

If you are wondering what a live-action Big Hero 6 would look like, my guess is this.

Picture: Behind Infinity/Tumblr

Cosplayer Jin does an incredible job of bringing Hiro to life, right down to his facial expressions. It’s as though she was born to cosplay this character. Here is Jin’s take via her Tumblr:

I usually disagree when people tell me I resemble this or that character, but for some odd reason I really felt a connection to Hiro. I felt it with the particular way he expressed things with his eyes, that button nose, uneven teeth, thin lips, the long oval face shape, and the slight underbite.

This is really dorky of me, but something that kinda floored me though was the similarity I saw in our teeth. (Not the tooth gap, though — that I had to add mine on with tea leaves/toasted seaweed/a sliver of fabric stuck with dental glue.) But the general shape of our front teeth, and the manner in which the teeth directly adjacent are nudged upwards a bit.

And for reference:

Picture: Behind Infinity [Tumblr]]

Here are more photos below via Jin’s Facebook, including pics of the gap tooth:

Picture: Behind Infinity/Facebook

Incredible. This is real-life Hiro.


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