Destiny's Most Hated Gun Can Be Deadly In The Right Hands

No Land Beyond's bad rap with Destiny players seems to be motivating some people to prove everyone wrong about the gun. First, we had the person who soloed the latest raid with the gun. And now we have a montage of someone straight up owning other players in the Crucible with the alleged worst gun in the game. Maybe the gun isn't as bad as people think it is?

I'm impressed by The Legend Himself's montage — it proves that, in the end, skill can overcome nearly anything. Honestly, the video almost makes it seem as if No Land Beyond can be a beast gun, provided you have good aim...but that might just be editing working its magic on me.

The No Land Beyondtage [The Legend Himself]


    A plastic spoon could be deadly in the right hands... Still doesn't mean it's anything more than a plastic spoon.

    Before I stopped playing I was having a whole lot of fun with No Land Beyond. It's a great feeling getting a headshot with this gun because it doesn't seem to have the auto-aim assist like other guns have.

      I really don't understand why there's auto-aim in the crucible. All it takes is someone running in front of your target and all of a sudden the game decides you should be shooting at that person instead of the headshot you were lining up

    No, the most hated gun is Suros Regime or Vex Mythoclast (if you don't have them). They've turned the crucible into a shitfest of people with no talent except having a better gun than you, and it gets even worse during Iron Banner.

      So it's like the BR, AWP and Gnasher then huh? :P

        Yes :P Bungie's own stats they released showed the majority of people favour those guns.

        Going off topic a little bit, but I've long wanted some form of ability to modify crucible rules like not allowing exotic or secondary weapons to make people less reliable on one op weapon

          Some of the raid legendary weapons are also over will be hard to balance crucible...I only enter it when i have a weapon bounty that requires it :|

            True. It wouldn't be so much of an issue if the different classes of weapons had proper distinct strengths and weaknesses. Auto-rifles are still so ridiculous that I've seen a handful of people using pulse rifles. Handguns are so good and pin point accurate at range that scout rifles are redundant.

    This is so weird. Back in the days of Halo a lot of people said that the BR was the only weapon anybody should ever use period and any use of another weapon should result in immediate ban.

      Certainly the BR was the most flexible weapon in (what I'm assuming you're talking about is Halo 3) the game however snipers are a more deadlier choice of weapon if one was proficient with it. You would only need to really expend one shot per target with the human sniper since you either get an instant kill with the headshot or strip the target's shields with a shot on them elsewhere which at that point, you could always swap weapons and finish the target with some other weapon - preferably a precision weapon (for a headshot) or a human weapon (since plasma damage does less to unshielded targets than bullets). The covenant sniper was a no-brainer. It wasn't necessary to line up a headshot since a double tap to overheat the weapon into a target's body ensure a kill, and would also save time that would have otherwise been spent lining up the shot to the target's head. What I'm trying to say is that anyone who actually said that the BR was the only weapon anybody should ever use period and any use of another weapon should result in immediate ban. completely missed out due to their ignorance - but hey, when you say that, I assume you're just being #sarcastic.

      I just like talking about Halo as well :)

        Half, but some vocal players were really loud in thinking that the BR was the only viable weapon to use and all gametypes should be BR starts. Some even going so far as to suggest the AR was for n00bs.

          Yeah I know :(. BR starts kinda removed the mad dash at the beginning of each map for any weapon that wasn't your starting weapon, which in non-BR starts brought upon more varied gameplay since there were a limited number of BRs per map thus forcing the usage of other weapons. I did enjoy the AR starts for that reason, especially on FFA playlists since the maps weren't so big to the point where the AR lost its effectiveness to range and everything was just chaos, and besides I found running straight at an enemy with the AR on spray until they got into melee range for a beat down to be pretty fun. To be fair however, automatic weapons like the AR in Halo 4 did become substantially more viable to run as a primary after the update that strengthened all of the primary loadout weapons (except for the DMR).

    That aim assist.
    Odds are he just uses a keyboard and mouse, I'm not seeing anything that looks overly spectacular to be honest.

    And PVP has pretty much killed the shotgun as a decent weapon to use in PVE.
    As somebody suggested perhaps have different tweaks for PVP compared to PVE to even it out but don't punish us PVE only players. My farts do more damage than a shotgun in PVE.

    A better article would be: Holy fuck, look how big Destiny's hitbox for head is!

      Was thinking the same, not a Destiny fan in the least so I wasn't sure if he was hacking or Destiny is actually that lenient... I kinda wish he was hacking.

        I see the same thing on most COD videos.

          Yeah I play Battlefield 4 and CS: Source. So assisted aim and hitboxes that ridiculous are... just insane.

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