Don't Play Video Games For Three Days Straight Or You Could Die

Briefly: That's what happened to a 32-year-old Taiwanese man, found slumped in his chair dead following a three day gaming bender at an internet cafe in Kaohsiung city, as reported by Yahoo News. This is the second such death in Taiwan this year, and it's only 17 January. Naps are your friends, people.

Taiwanese man dies after Internet gaming binge [Yahoo News]

Image: Sergey Galyonkin / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0


    I don't think there's a single activity that could be described as a good idea to do for 72 hours straight.


        not really, you can't exhale/inhale for 72 hours straight, you exhale, stop for a second, then inhale etc.

          Hence "breathing" I'm fairly sure the whole "inhale - pause - exhale - pause" repeat cycle is part of "breathing" =P

          Now if he said inhale or exhale on it's own then you could be correct xD

        If you have to make a conscious decision to breathe (which is the only way it would count as an 'activity', unless you're going to start counting things like renal function etc) then you're going to run into difficulty when it comes time to sleep...

    Wasn't there one where some guy was playing Starcraft for too long and he died?

      Pretty sure it was CS and it was 48 hours IIRC.. he was playing on a net cafe and exact same thing happened =P

    Whatever you're taking to stay awake that long is probably a bigger issue than the staying awake bit...

    What of the staff at the net cafe? little cog in the grey matter really should have clicked saying "Hmm, that guy has been there for quite some time, maybe I should check up on him, or kick his ass the hell out of the cafe so he can feed and shower himself". Not saying the staff should be completely held accountable but this isn't exactly the first time this has happened and it frequently occurs in a venue ran by paid staff. At least part of a finger of blame should be aimed in their direction.

      Maybe you should read the original article that is the source of the kotaku article. It answers all your questions.

        God, I wish I hadn't done that. This line from the original article fecks me up a bit ...

        other patrons appeared nonchalant about the deaths, continuing playing even when tables were cordoned off for investigators to gather evidence.

          Yeah, that's very dodgy. It almost makes it sound like this is a regular occurrence :(

        Fair point, I hadn't read the article, though even after reading the article, I think there is still some merit in regulating 24 hour net cafes and how much time one should feasibly be allowed to stay logged on for before being kicked to the curb. The world in general seems capable of admitting there is a problem only once someone dies (excepting the current religious extremist situation). There is an issue with people dying at their computers and if we can't rely on people to not be stupid then maybe something in the way of a 12hr limit in any 42 hour period, whilst still very generous affords some means to reign in the problem.

          If you kick him out he'll just go to the next one.

          a different approach is needed

    I guess they weren't joking when they said you can play a game to death,

    I can't play games for 3 hours straight without taking a break :/

    Don't tell me what to do, you're not my dad.

    Wait .... Don't Play Video Games For Three Days Straight ... Or You Could Die!


    Don't Play Video Games For Three Days Straight because You Could Die

    I'm confused.

    I get this is supposed to be a joke article, but its seriously flawed. The behaviour of binge gaming like this is similar to an alcoholic going off the deep end. Its dumb and irresponsible to just say "don't do it" and leave it at that. The fact this happened shows there are serious defects in the management of that internet cafe, and possibly public mental health services in Taiwan.

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