Dungeonmans Is My Favourite Game About Dungeons, Man

Over Christmas and New Years I spent time catching up on games I'd missed throughout the year. But there was one game I became totally engrossed with: Dungeonmans.

Dungeonmans is a proper roguelike, the kind filled with turned-based fighting, scrolls and horrible death. But each death isn't so bad, as loot you bring back to the Dungeonman Academy — your homebase — helps your future characters prosper with better weapons and stats.

The traditional roguelike elements mixed with a greater sense of progression — even after dying make Dungeonmans incredibly addicting. Knowing my next character will potentially level up faster and hit harder on his way just make me want to keep playing until I can trounce everything in sight with my swords and bow.

You can see how my dynasty of Garrys and Neds got on above.

Dungeonmans is available on Steam.


    Looks cool, I'll be sure to check it out.

    Minor note, 'addicting' is not a word. We have a perfectly good word already 'addictive' as in, 'it's incredibly addictive'. Sorry...

      American English uses one, we use the other. It's annoying every time I see it, but it is a legitimate difference.

    That was the funniest video I've seen up here in a good while! Also, SOLD!

    Leo is my favourite thing about Kotaku

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