Dying Light Is Supposed To Be A Big Game

Dying Light is supposed to be a big game. But just how big? This new PlayStation Access video shows what it will be like to walk from one end of the map all the way to the other. Needless to say, there are plenty of zombies in-between.

We'll have more on Dying Light closer to release, once we actually get our hands on the thing. Oh, and I'll be reviewing it in case you were wondering. Stay tuned!


    Is this a beta? For a zombie game, there are barely any zombies...and the ones that are there just stand there...

      It does seem pretty thinly populated, but I get the impression even just slightly larger groups would be annoying and disruptive. A big part of the game is fluid, rapid movement but the enemies appear to have that meatiness to them that slams the breaks on when you're forced to engage them.

      Pretty sure it is only at night that the zombies are rather quick and nasty.

        That, and there's much more at night too :).

    A couple of things annoyed me (probably trivial).
    When people run Im sure they don't wave their crowbar in front of them like that.
    Out of the first handful of zombies shown I already saw the same one armed, topless zombie chick three times. Zombie diversity was pretty low.
    And I see rigamortis has no effect on breast jiggle.

      The only thing that annoys me is the price tag. Seriously it's over $80+ AUD on Steam.

      With the plethora of Zombie games out there, I think I'll wait this one out till the price drops dramatically.

        Especially because to me, it looks VERY similar to Dead Island, only thing differerent a bit of parkour.

    I suspect rigor mortis has no effect on silicon breast implants.

    Hmm.. I want to like this game but this has stifled my anticipation a little. Maybe I've just been spoiled with other open world games recently but the map here didn't really seem all that big or varied... The transition between jumping and climbing animations looked a bit clunky, too. Mirror's Edge had smoother free running animations 6 years ago.

    Looks kind of cool, could be fun, but yea not sure about paying $100 at launch.

    Also I have to say that I really like those Playstation Access guys/girls, they're not trying too hard like A LOT of youtube game people and their weird/dry British wit is quite pleasant.

    Hmm not sure what to make of this game.. I've been thinking about it as I have a JB Hi Fi gift card that's just begging me to use it.. but then it really does just look like dead island (which I did enjoy mind you).. just not sure if this is worth an $80 purchase.

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