Eight Crazy Hacking Scenes That Shouldn't Exist

Eight Crazy Hacking Scenes That Shouldn't Exist

Hack the planet! And I thought Hugh Jackman's dancing scene with the 3D cubes from the 2001 movie Swordfish was weird, this recent video from Dorkly proves some movies and TV shows had much crazier scenes with hackers doing the impossible.

Here are eight of them where typing fast and not hitting Enter or Space at all is just the first step.


    I believe Trinity used an actual hack at the start of the second Matrix movie.

    But hacking or anything to do with computers in a movie is usually just something to 'advance the story'. I often cringe at the stupid stuff I see but most people probably don't even realise. Although the examples above are way over the top.

      I will forever reference Terminal Error (http://www.criticalcommons.org/Members/ccManager/clips/a-computer-genius-uses-a-gameboy-to-avert-a) as the worst hacking scene of all time. No, you are not going to hack into an artificial intelligent machine, and bring it down, stopping a nuclear meltdown by mashing the A and B buttons of a Gameboy Color...

        Why not?


    Remind me again why CSI: NY got cancelled. I only see excellence on screen.

      "I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic. See if I can track an IP address."

        Haha! I remember seeing this and spitting my coke all over the place

        Makes complete sense. I dont understand the commotion. :)

    8. Weird Science
    7. N.C.I.S. (you'd know the scene, two people on one keyboard)
    6. Swordfish
    5. Johnny Mnemonic
    4. Hackers
    3. C.S.I. New York (tracking a computer crime inside a MMO)
    2. Evilspeak
    1. Under Siege 2

    If I was an actor asked to film a scene where two people hammer away indiscriminately on one keyboard, I'd refuse.

      If you were an actor struggling to get a start and working half a week in a restaurant you'd probably take the job...^_^

        Maybe, but that actor would be appearing in a film called "Kamikaze Kitten and the Interweb Demons from Beyond the Parallax".

        But it will look good on my resume.

        I'm pretty sure by the time that scene appeared in NCIS the series was well established and those actors weren't struggling.

          "Kamikaze Kitten and the Interweb Demons from Beyond the Parallax"

          TAKE MY MONEY!

    Shout out to The Core!

      Haha, I was thinking of that one, surprising it didn't make the list.

      But hey, free long distance calls, right?

    Matrix Reloaded actually had a real hacking scene. Trinity used an SSH exploit from 2001 to reset the root password on a Linux server to ZION0101 she then logs into the server as root. The exploit used got patched out years ago. But it's an actual example of a zero-day exploit.

    What about The Net?

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