Elders Reacting To Grand Theft Auto Is A Revelation

Some people are getting a little tired of the elders/children react video series, but this is one you need to watch.

Why? Mainly because you can actually see the reaction of people change throughout the video. You can see the misconceptions they initially have about the game start to slowly fritter away as they — gasp — actually play the game and enjoy it.

Mainly it's amazing to see these older people have their attitudes changed. By the end of the video every single one of them is completely comfortable with the chaos and the mayhem. It makes for tremendous viewing.

"A knife! You're closer to the victim. It's more personal."

"I didn't mean to punch her, I wanted to shoot her!"

"It's a weird satisfaction man, it's weird."

So, so interesting.


    "You can't get away from the cops. There's no fun in life any more, like in the old days where there wasn't DNA and shit"

    Bahahaha, this was great.

    Some great quotes (just from memory)

    "I've hit a woman for the first time in my life, and it's great!"

    woman looking distraught after hitting another woman to the ground
    "Why did you hit that woman??"
    "I don't know... I meant to shoot her!"

    "you just dropped a grenade!"
    "I don't care"
    "Oh.. wasted"

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      "I've hit a woman for the first time in my life, and it's great!"

      that literally had me in tears.

      I love how they were saying "wasted" like it used to be announced in GTA2 (from memory they don't have that in the games any more, it's just silent while it comes up on screen?).

      That woman meaning to shoot another woman, but decks her instead had me in a fit of laughter.

      I liked:

      "I wouldn't want my grandkids playing this one... but normal people it would be alright."


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    This was actually the first one I watched fully through. Actually quite interesting to hear the differing opinions. Honestly I did not expect one to enjoy it at all.

      I always wonder how real these videos are. But regardless, I think it's a great example of innate nature in humans when we do something we think is bad but really isn't at all (because it's not real)

      "Now just remember: this is MAKE. BELIEVE." No shit lady, care to tell all your friends that?

        Like most things TV related, cut to entertain an audience. I think a lot of it is directed of course. I personally couldn't sit there while they learned the controls for an hour, looking up randomly in the air all the time instead of walking forward. I can only take about 3 minutes of my wife doing that in a video game.

    On Brand recognition: instant judgement
    Inhibition & joy
    Self consciousness
    Self Shame over realisation of enjoyment
    Anxiety for self and impact on others
    Where's the Exit?

    That's what I generally saw :)

    Started watching, but had to stop. Am still waiting for PC release, so haven't played yet. Too many spoilers :(

    Wow. These are the same handful of folks who for the last couple years have been reacting to violent game trailers and talking about how these games ruin kids minds and are responsible for turning people into killers… then they play it, get a little taste of that sweet, sweet virtual freedom, and all of a sudden the leash is off and they're cheering about killing cops and being invincible. Eye-opening!

      Yeah... Some old people complained about video game violence and here we have a video of some old people playing video games. Surely they're the same people.

        Oh, if you go back through the series you find that they are. It's great. :)

    Wow, at 5:05... 'dems the cold, dead eyes of a maniac!

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