Everything Ridiculous About Pokémon, In Four Minutes

Despite Pokémon's immense popularity, plenty about the series is absolutely silly, or doesn't make much sense. If you're a veteran player, you're already familiar with some of the qualms that TheBlueOwlPlays brings up in this video.

They include:

  • How the only industry you can work in is Pokémon related, because EVERYthing in the Pokémon universe must be related to Pokémon. People do not have lives outside of Pokémon, which probably explains why every single book you read in the games is related to Pokémon, and why the only education system seems to be related to Pokémon, too.
  • Everyone is expelled from their homes at age 10 or so.
  • The professors always seem to suffer from dementia.
  • Despite being just a child, you're expected to go out into a world full of powerful, dangerous Pokémon — and you end up meeting Pokémon's version of satan and god.
  • You need to teach birds how to fly and fish how to swim.
  • How everything about breeding is messed up, particularly when you think about all the baby Pokémon trainers keep suspended in PCs indefinitely. Also: Ditto must be the Pokemon that gets the most action out of everyone, right?
  • Despite being a sport, steroid use is heavily encouraged and in fact expected in Pokémon.
  • How it's perfectly ok to just take money from other children after defeating them.
  • Gym leaders are supposed to be the most powerful trainers aside from the Elite Four, and yet they're often garbage.
  • Players regularly take down Pokémon's version of the mafia and it's no big deal.
  • You always become the most powerful trainer, and yet you're often just a tween.

Really, the list goes on. But we often suspend our disbelief while playing, because that makes things easier — and more charming.


    Ditto definitely getting some action. Just look at mystique

    Kotaku is slowly replacing Youtube's subscription feature.

    To think Pokemon is ridiculous is to fail to notice how ridiculous our world is, and also how similar Pokemon is to our world if you substitute in computers, the internet, physical sports and gambling.

      whens the last time you saw the neighborhood kids force the family pets to fight

        Pokemon are used for lots of different purposes, but just because some characters keep them as pets it doesn't mean when trainers use them its the same as making your pets fight. The trainer/pokemon relationship is the same as any other sport and thats the comparison I'd use.

          so you do see the neighborhood kids regularly force the family pets to fight

            Well not children but full grown adults used to. Cock fighting and pit bull fights used to be sports in a sense before humanity grew up a little.

            I must be a bad person though, I have a box full of ditto with various nature's and 3-4 ivs,i also am always breeding 5 iv pokes and tossing the 4 iv ones to wonder trade and the 3 iv or less get abandoned to the battle resort Island, never to have a caring owner.

    Children take their pets and make them fight each other!

    Do this in real life and you'd be locked up. Much like that NFL player was a few years ago for being involved in dog fighting rings.

    I would have thought the fact that you can lock these animals (which could be any size) into a little ball and not injure or harm them in any way was ridiculous enough.

    Or the fact that the noise every pokemon makes is just its name, for that matter. Or the fact that most of them appear to be at least partly sentient but they obey their master's commands without question, even if what they have been told to do is completely stupid.

    Also...EVERY animal in this world is some kind of pokemon. Not much variety in wildlife, it seems.

    Last edited 21/01/15 3:08 pm

      Blame the cartoon series for the noises. In the actual game the only pokemon I have heard yell it's own name is pikachu

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