Evolve's Opening Cinematic Is... Cinematic

Evolve has gone gold, meaning that Turtle Rock Studios has totally downed their tools and sent the final version of the game to be printed to disc and whatnot. Normally that news is, well, hardly news at all. But when publishers 2K decide to use that news as an excuse to show off the game's opening cinematic? That's a little more interesting.

So please thank you very much to enjoy the opening cinematic to Evolve. It is full of things you might expect to see in a trailer for anything action related these days: explosions, monsters jumping into the air and pornographic slow-motion shots of bearded men smoking cigars. Good stuff.

But seriously, Evolve continues to look pretty innovative and cool. It was supposed to come out late 2014, so hopefully the extra time has been used to polish the game up real nice.

There is a beta coming to Xbox One on January 15, which is confusing because why would you have a beta for a video game that's already gone gold? Further proof that betas are the new demo discs and this is all just a smartly positioned piece of marketing. I'm sure the beta will provide a whole lot of useful information that'll help Turtle Rock with the inevitable day one patch, but you what? That's just video games in 2015 and Evolve is looking pretty cool, so I'll forgive it this one time.


    I had high hopes for this game, but i'm afraid it'll get repetitive fast. The Alpha sure as hell did.

      Yeah the alpha was repetitive and worse was the controls... not the scheme but the actual tightness of them. Coming from BF, Halo etc. it just felt sluggish and wrong no matter how I tweaked. I'll still see what people think when it drops.

        Alpha was repetitive in the way that games like counterstrike, team fortress or battlefield etc are repetitive. Its arena play. If you don't like that sort of game you will find it repetitive. I personally played the alpha for over 10 hours without getting bored.

          I played it a fair bunch at PAX Aus, and even with only 4 classes I still would have bought it. I played the hell out of Left 4 Dead, and haven't played anything simliar since. Looking forward to it!

            I played over 500 hours of left 4 dead. I just felt that there was less to Evolve.

            The final release might be more interesting with more classes monsters etc. I'm not ruling it out yet. It just didn't blow me away the same way L4D did when I tried its demo.

          Valid point, but the edge BF etc. will always have is tight, Q&A tested controls etc. Evolve just felt sluggish and unresponsive. Repetitive is one thing, but unplayable due to controller mechanics is unforgivable at this level of gaming.

          I'll still give it a chance, just won't see me in there day one.

        The monster controlled awfully.

        The humans felt too slow and floaty and unresponsive in some instances.

        It might be different for final release though. I'll keep an eye on it, and if I can get it cheap, I just might.

    Yet another big AAA title shipping unfinished. $20 says a big day 1 patch will be needed. So sick of unfinished games being released into the market just because the devs know they can patch it later.

      So how long do you reckon they should delay it in order to finish it?

      I'm not saying you're wrong, but they did already delay it once so we can't really accuse them of rushing it out to hit the Xmas shopping season or something. At least give them the benefit of the doubt until it's out.

      Last edited 09/01/15 3:56 pm

      I think it has little to do with the Devs knowing they can patch so much as the publisher knows it can.

      DriveClub is the perfect example I think of a publisher nearly ruining all the hard work by the devs. DriveClub right now? Is friggin awesome. But most will never play it due to the media hype over its initial issues.

      Last edited 09/01/15 3:12 pm

        Like I said in the comments on another article recently, DriveClub will get a second chance if / when they release the promised PS+ edition. Everyone will get the chance to try it as it was supposed to be, rather than as the shambles it was at release. That may well turn into a lot of sales of upgrades to the full game if they have actually managed to turn it around.

    Based on everything I've heard and read about this, I'll be giving it a miss.

    It'll be a second hand cheapie for me once a few people I know get it and want to play together.

    Also that was one of the worst trailers I've seen since Ant Man...

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