Fake Nintendo “App” Trailer Is A Nightmare From The Future

Imagine a future Nintendo. One that finally relents to shareholder pressure and starts releasing its games on mobile phones. This fake trailer tries to sell that future, and if you’re a Nintendo shareholder, it’s enough to get you weak at the knees. If you’re anyone else, though, reactions may be less pleasant.

MarioLinkSamus made this slick trailer as an exercise, both in improving his video skills and as a proof of concept. Hopefully for something that never comes to pass, because if Nintendo ever wants to get more serious about selling its back catalogue on portable devices, there are more Nintendo ways to go about it.


  • I must admit that some of those games shown would be ideal for phones . Other control intensive games however, should be ported on the handhelds or left on console.

    Then again I always prefer physical controls and felt touch screen controls are dodgy at the best of times.

    • Yeah, touch screen controls are mostly poor. That and your hands cover your tiny phone screens ugh.

      God shareholders make everything fucking awful for everyone that isn’t them.

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