Fans Remaking Warcraft III Using Star Craft II

Fans Remaking Warcraft III Using Star Craft II

WarCraft: Armies Of Azeroth is a StarCraft II mod that’s looking to essentially remake Blizzard’s classic Warcraft III. Which doesn’t really need remaking (WARCRAFT II KINDA DOES), but hey, nicer visuals are always welcome.

The developers seem to be Russian, so there isn’t a lot of English-language information available outside a sparse Facebook page, but I’d be surprised if they go and remake the whole game, campaign and all. Just the multiplayer part seems more feasible.

Given this is a fan project, it won’t be perfect, but hey, for those keen on Warcraft RTS, it’s progress.


  • I miss the Warcraft III days. Sheep Tag, Tower Defence, DotA, SotD, Uther Party. Those were the days.

  • Has anyone else noticed that the games that have really stuck in people’s minds and kept customers buying and playing years and years after release, are the games that allowed easy modding and user created content? Some examples: Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 toolsets, Warcraft 3 map editor, Elder Scrolls Creation kit. Unfortunately, developers don’t invest much time into this stuff anymore.

    Imagine a modern RPG game with AAA graphics etc. with a toolset like NWN. The content would be limitless. It would be glorious!

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