Five-Hour Ocarina Of Time Speedrun Is Like A Totally Different Game

If you’re looking for something nice and meaty to watch today — or to keep in the background as you do other things — allow me to recommend this impressive 100 per cent speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by the great runner ZFG.

Unlike other Ocarina of Time runs you may have seen — the ones that use glitches to beat the game in under 20 minutes — this is a “100 per cent” run, meaning the runner has to get every heart piece, every upgrade, every Gold Skulltula, and every item. But there are no rules about how or when the runner has to collect them all. And it turns out the optimal way to get everything as quickly as possible looks absolutely nothing like the real Ocarina of Time.

Over the course of four hours and 45 minutes, ZFG zips through the whole game with aplomb, bouncing between different areas and doing dungeons totally out of order thanks to a host of warp glitches, bomb glitches, and clipping glitches. (If you haven’t heard, Ocarina of Time is a glitchy game.) Sometimes he does half of a dungeon and then comes back to it later; other times he completes things in totally unexpected ways. It’s fascinating to see what he has to finish and what he gets to skip, and ZFG’s commentary is always clear and concise. (Check out more of ZFG’s runs over at his YouTube channel.)


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