Former Pro Gamer Gives Unborn Child StarCraft Nickname

Former Pro Gamer Gives Unborn Child StarCraft Nickname

One of esports' most famous StarCraft gaming pros, BoxeR (aka Lim Yo Hwan), came up with a fitting name for his baby: the Terran infantry unit from the game.

Lim's wife, Kim Ga Yeon, is six weeks pregnant, and as she noted on her Facebook, her husband came up with what in South Korea is known as a "baby foetus nickname" (태명).

According to The Korea Times, BoxeR announced that he will call the child "Marine" and said he came up with the name after he couldn't come up with any other good monikers. The former StarCraft pro added that his wife had agreed to the gaming-themed name.

But we'll have to wait and see if "Marine" ends up as the baby's legal name after the child is finally born.


    As it's born it will say "Hell, it's about time."

      Before then, it'll say "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?"

    Boxer can do what he likes! Guys a beast!

    Marine is actually a French given name. If the baby is a girl then no need to change it - just move to France :-)

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