Forza 6 Announced

Forza 6 Announced

Microsoft just showed the first trailer for Forza 6. And by trailer, I mean commercial for new car that also happens to be in the game.

I’m not kidding; half the video is actual footage of the car itself being shown off at the Detroit Auto Show. The other half is a slow pan around the game’s model of the GT.

It’s Xbox One-only.


  • I wonder if they’ll ruin 6 just like they did 5.

    Forza 5 was going to be the game that made me jump over to next gen, instead all i heard was bad news about microtransactions, no cars given as reward for winning races, no manufacture affiliation rewards, no marketplace like forza 4 and half the cars being dlc.

    I only recently bought a xbone to play the new gta v, I’ve since traded in all my old games and considered selling my 360 but i kept it because i still play forza 4 at least once a week.

    Hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson with 5.

  • 1/ No mictotransactions. Microtransations = no sale
    2/ Weather please
    3/ All the tracks in the last game + a bunch of new ones
    4/ All the cars in the last game (inc DLC) + a bunch of new ones
    5/ Real vehicle components in the upgrade store, (none of this ‘stock engine’, ‘race engine’ rubbish)
    6/ That custom soundtrack feature that was in Project Gotham Racing as a launch game on the original Xbox… its f*cking retarded that I can’t do that on the Xbone a year after launch. Fix it.

    That’ll do me.

    • I can imagine a Microsoft dude looking at that list and going,

      “No microtransactions…hah.
      Weather? It’ll be week two DLC.
      All tracks except one will be day one DLC.
      All cars except the new GT will be day one DLC.
      Real vehicle modifications will be there. And….custom soundtracks?? Pfft we know all players want to listen to the stock soundtrack….

      …right guys now whack a $90 tag on it and ship it!”

        • Yeah turn10 are actually pretty honest with their games, as for Playground they did a great job with some of these new features like weather etc in Horizon2 so expect to see some rain and stuff in FM6

          can’t wait!!!

  • I wonder if it will be a smaller micro-transaction + less content screw you like 5 was over 4?
    I also wonder if this is in-game or another nVidia powered PC slight of hand like 5 was?

  • Sony haven’t even been able to give us the promised PS+ version of Drive Club, let alone a new Gran Turismo 7… yet Microsoft has given Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, and now this. It’s like Sony want to lose on the driving side of the console war.

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