The Music of League of Legends - Volume 1 Is Available (And Free)

Man, when Riot Games does something, it doesn't tend to do things by halves. Take The Music of League of Legends - Volume 1, the massive album featuring 15 new and classic tracks from the game. Not only did they record this thing with ridiculous production values, they've also made a 40 minute documentary to go along with it, which you can watch right now.

The soundtrack was released today and it's completely free. You can download it directly here or get it from Google Play or iTunes.

As for the documentary, well you can watch the whole thing on YouTube. It's 40 minutes long and kinda super dramatic for a docu about recording music, but it's worth watching, particularly if you're invested in League of Legends. It's actually really well made, which shouldn't surprise you because — yep — Riot Games doesn't do things by half!


    I really like Get Jinxed and Curse of the Sad Mummy, even though my interest in playing LoL has vanished.

    Also, Google Play says it's not free

    Last edited 29/01/15 11:28 am

      What? For how much? Why is it being charged when riot is distributing it for free on their site? Absolutely befuddling me right now.

      I realized I'm asking questions you probably have no clue to the answers :P

      Last edited 29/01/15 1:00 pm

        The Google Play website currently has it listed for AU$13.99, so maybe it's something to do with time zones etc etc, who knows? I downloaded it from Rito's site without issue. Maybe Google are just being mean!

    iTunes says the songs are $1.69 each, and the album itself is not available on the Australian store.


    Follow for basic business logic in formula format
    Base "price" X Australia Tax set amount =
    $0 X 200% = 0 WOOOOAHHH wait up, that doesn't sound like we are screwing the Australians over at all, bugger maths.

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