Go To A LAN, Raise Money For Charity. Win-Win.

Relief LANs is an organisation that runs LANs in an attempt to raise money for children suffering across Australia. Last year it ran LANTeen, raising money for teenagers suffering from cancer. This year Relief LANs is running a brand new event, with money going to The Smith Family, a great charity that helps diasadvantaged children. Want to play games, eat pizza and raise money for charity? That's a win-win as far as I'm concerned!

The event takes place this weekend from the 23rd of January till the 24th. It kicks off at 10am and runs all the way through until 8pm the next night. That's a pretty lengthy amount of time for a LAN. Plenty of time to play every goddamn game you desire. 34 hours to be precise.

We are running this LAN to raise money for The Smith Family, a charity which supports disadvantaged children, by focusing on education and the support required for these children to fully participate in it. By supporting their education, these children are given the opportunity to break the cycle of disadvantage and create a better economic future for themselves. This LAN will be overnight, so get ready for 34 hours of gaming for an excellent cause.

The address is...

St John's Church 61 Main St, Diamond Creek VIC

So if you're looking for something to do this coming weekend and you're hankering for an old school LAN, you could do a lot worse. It's for a great cause and there will be pizza goddammit!

Find more about the event here!


    Didn't we have an article here just a little while ago about the dangers of gaming for so long?

    I would love to attend a lan, its just Sydney or Canberra is around 1-2hrs always from me, and Victoria is way too far.

    Perks of living in a small town.... :/

    One day i will go to a Lan. And one day there will be one in WA.

      You could always set up a LAN event with mates, which is what most ordinary gamers would do.

        It's a bit hard if your mates don't like games.
        For them it's considered childish that i ordered the majoras maask re make, or the fact that i have steam mates that i don't know in real life.
        hopefully one day there will be a actual event, it would be nice to have a friendly lan match of quake or somthing without the interent douche baggery.

      There is already a LAN in W.A:
      One day I'll actually go haha

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