Grim Fandango Is Better Than Ever

Now that Grim Fandango has a remastered edition, what better time to sit back, relax, and solve a few puzzles with Manny Calavera?

I have to say, replaying Grim Fandango brings back some warm and fuzzy memories. Save for the fancy new visual upgrade and far better controls, the game has overall not changed much. I'm fine with that; Grim Fandango didn't need changing, it was brilliant as it was. Now it's even better.


    I'm impressed with the point and click interface. Loved the new control method on PS4 as well. Do not miss the tank controls and no achievement is going to make me play the game with that. :P

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      But to get Platinum, I have to play Tank... *sob*

      The funny thing is that Grim always had camera-relative controls available. You just had to enable them in the options.

    Loving this game to bits, but I have two little issues; Glottis can be so irritating I just want to throw him off a cliff after beating his face in (just finished the petrified woods "VROOOOM") and some 'puzzles' seem to be really finicky about the 'exact' positioning of the solution leading me to the false conclusion that something doesn't work (although this is probably partly because I'm using a game-pad).

    Awesome game that I missed the first time.

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