GTA V’s San Andreas Vs 2004’s San Andreas

GTA V’s San Andreas Vs 2004’s San Andreas

We’ve seen charts, and galleries from the street, but it’s only when you see the size of the game world in both GTA titles laid bare that you start to appreciate a few things you might have otherwise missed.

Like how small the modern Los Santos, which feels like an endless metropolis, really is. Or how GTAV’s other towns, which feel tiny on the ground, are actually a decent size. Or, indeed, just how small the original San Andreas was, since it felt like it took an age to travel between the three cities.

All of which are a testament to how smart level design can trick your eyes (and your mind) into believing somewhere is nowhere near the size it actually is.


  • I am confused. It says San Andreas then it says Los Santos then it says three cities then it says I don’t have any idea what is going on.

    Explain better.

    • GTA V’s map is the huge one on the left, it contains only one city and encompasses only part of the state of San Andreas. The city you see on the map, is Los Santos, which is the city on the bottom of the map of the game “GTA : SAN ANDREAS”. When this is compared, GTA V’s map is gigantic.

      There are three cities on the map on the right, which is taken from the PS2/Xbox game GTA:SAN ANDREAS. The cities are Los Santos (bottom), San Fierro (left) and Las Venturas (top right) and they all exist on a map that encompasses the entire state of San Andreas, not just a third of it like GTA V’s does (theoretically).

      While still confusing, I hope that cleared it up a little.

        • Yeah GTA V is a reimagined San Andreas, a newer version, as Liberty City in 4 was a reimagined Liberty City from 3. We’ve only seen a third of the state of the new San Andreas so far. I don’t know if we’ll ever see the rest, but I hope we do in the form of DLC or a new game, or something.

    • San Andreas is a state (California), which contains Los Santos (Los Angeles) and some other towns and cities that you can visit.

    • In game knowledge provides you with what you need. San Andreas is the locality, Los Santos is a city in that locality. There are three cities in GTA:SA (But I always thought one was pretty piss weak). And you don’t have any idea! But keep on keeping on, we love you anyways!

  • That is really cool. Great image! Now can you do an image with all the gta maps? It would make GTA V look like a behemoth! Please!

  • Setting the scale on these sorts of games must be a technical nightmare, how is it GTA: SA feels so big but yet tiny compared to GTA: V.

    The thing i love about Rockstar is that they sacrifice size for detail, Yes they could have made GTA: V’s rendition of Los Santos the size of the observable universe but it would have suffered the same fate as Just Cause 2, a massive but ultimately empty map.

    • I journeyed across SA in both GTA SA and GTA V recently just to compare them. While GTA SA is smaller technically, it’s got a lot more locations outside the city to make it feel ‘more alive’. Giant bridges, little towns, oil fields. It’s not to say GTA V doesn’t, it’s got a huge amount of stuff, but to me, GTA SA’s map still beats V’s even if it is smaller.

      And Red Dead still kills them all 😉 lol

    • I wonder if it’s also something to do with vehicle speeds. GTAV probably has relatively faster cars than the ones in GTA:SA, allowing SA’s world to seem larger. Plus the really short draw-distance in the original port of SA.

  • Look at all that space… with nothing in it :/

    I felt like GTAV’s map was too big, or just didn’t have enough interesting stuff in it. Whereas in Red Dead I felt like there was always something I could be doing, hunting, collecting stuff and way more random encounters would spawn that were interesting and interactive: such as robberies, cops chasing down crims, people being attacked by animals etc

  • Clearly you haven’t put much effort into GTAV if you think there isn’t much to do. Try exploring the gigantic ocean in scubar gear/sub/as an animal. Try ezploring the plane wrecks, shipwrecks etc and collecting hidden stuff. Or truely take a slow ride around the map and find the plethora of random events. Rob some stores, raid the weed farm, traffoc some drugs & guns. Do the strangers & freaks missions, pickup hitchhikers and take over the cult camp…

    Or any of the other hundreds of things to dp.

    Create your own fun. Roleplay as a serial killer or something. The new gem versions are a master piece!

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