GTA Game Slowly Descends Into Glitch Hell

GTA Game Slowly Descends Into Glitch Hell

At first, it’s a few small oddities. The floating car glitch we’ve seen before. A character model disappearing for a few seconds. But, by the time that this drug-running mission in Grand Theft Auto Online ends, everything’s gone to hell. Or heaven, by the looks of it.

Things don’t seem that weird at the beginning of Justin Swisher‘s online session. Loads of games have occasional processing hiccups, after all. But, a bizarre journey where the dysfunction expands all over the gameworld? That’s a lot more rare. And a lot more special. Say hi to GTA Car God for us, Justin.


  • That’s what we in the gaming industry call “Lag”.

    It’s okay, IGN. We all have slow news days from time to time.

  • Well in GTA’s defense it looked like the glitching was on the side of the spectator only, the guy playing was probably still fine as he was still following roads. The guy watching was probably just using quality Australian internet.

    • Maybe. Could it have been player-side? It looks like the guy was following roads via the in HUD map, I thought he was using his best guess as to where any street lamps or road barriers were, he hit one near the end for no good reason. But I’m no GTA V lag expert!

  • Unrelated, but back in the days of Battlefront 2, I had a ps2 copy that replaced my weapon fire sounds with wookie roars…

  • I was impressed by the number of AI controlled cars spawned in at any given time. Clearly seen when everything else went see through!

  • GTA-O was glitching out big time last night before I lost connection. Something about a player character floating off the ground and ragdolling after you take them out with the assault shotgun that makes you think … ‘hmmm … glitch’.

    Mind you, I have a few beefs to pick with GTA-O most notably the ‘new improved’ passive mode, and how people exploit it. Bunch of little f*cks last night were attaching sticky bombs to their mates and said mate would then go ‘passive’. Passive player runs up to non-passive player (me) with sticky bomb still attached, and their mate detonates it.

    Suicide bombing without the suicide basically. The other one is groups of players travelling in a car, where driver and car are ‘passive’ while other passengers aren’t. Very hard to hit anyone in the car in that scenario.

    F*ckers like this are no doubt the bastard offspring of the old ‘money glitch’ modders and the ar*eholes we used to get griefing everyone with their tanks (looks like THAT’s stopped, thank f*ck), and they definitely make sessions less fun than they should be …

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